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Role-Playing Games / D&D 4th edition??
« on: August 16, 2007, 06:18:45 AM »
If you go to the dnd website, there is a 17-hour countdown for "4Dventure".  An anouncement for 4th edition DnD maybe?  Guess we'll find out soon...

Role-Playing Games / 1st ed. DnD
« on: June 02, 2007, 08:55:27 AM »
I was reading this post on Enworld basically on how fast you would level in 1st dnd compared to 3rd edition.  Basically it just did a side-by-side using published adventures, and it looked like you'd level up just as fast in the original dnd compared to the current edition.  The older adventures also gave way more money in coins, and probably about the same in magic items (from what I could tell).  42 ran us through two of those adventures using 3rd ed. characters, and it looked like our game matched up to the average results that the comparison was showing.

Role-Playing Games / Complete Scoundrel
« on: January 18, 2007, 09:06:37 PM »
This book has a new mechanic of sorts called tricks.  You can have 1/2 your character level in total tricks, and each one costs 2 skill points to learn and can be used once per encounter.  For example, one trick is acrobatic backstab, you need 12 ranks in tumble to get it (which costs 2 more skill points to buy the trick).  Then, once per encounter, you could tumble through someone's space (IIRC, that is a DC 25 tumble check, +2 per extra person threatening you).  If it works, then they are flat-footed against your next melee attack (meaningyou could sneak attack them).

There are also these new kind of feats with a [Luck] descriptor.  They each grant an extra 'luck reroll' per day, one of them actually gives you 2 extra luck rerolls, and something you can use your 'luck rerolls' on.  So one feat might let you spend a luck reroll to reroll certain kinds of skill checks, or reroll a saving throw, and then you spend your luck uses on those abilities however you like.  There is one that lets you turn a natural 1 on a saving throw (auto-fail) into a natural 20 (auto-succeed), but you can only use that one once per day, even if you have more luck uses than that.  There's a similar one for an attack roll too.

There are some multiclassing feats that are pretty good, ie lets you multiclass monk and ninja, and you add those class levels together to determine your ninja ki pool and monk unarmed damage.  The prestige classes are okay, I think the most interesting one is Combat Trapsmith, it lets you make and set traps during combat.  Main problem with it is I don't think the traps are powerful enough, even the best ones only do like 5d6 damage (reflex half) or duplicate a 2nd level spell.

There isn't many new magic items, but there are new alchemical items and poisons.  There are also a few 'living items', ie a bottle with a super-brite firefly that you can use as a torch (but you have to keep him fed and such).

There is also a bunch of advice stuff, like how to run a 'scoundrel' game and how to make scoundrel characters, etc.  The making scoundrel advice isn't too bad really.

Role-Playing Games / Things I don't like with D&D
« on: April 28, 2006, 09:15:02 AM »
Just a semi-random collection of things I don't particularly like in D&D, open for discussion for anyone with similar or opposite views on them.

Blanket creature immunites: By this I mean for example how all undead are immune to critical hits, or dragons automatically immune to sleep and paralysis.  There are way too many of these blanket immunities, most don't make all that much sense, and most have a huge impact on game play.  There is a lot that could be said here.

Magic Item Wealth: The cost of powerful magical gear simply being gold is a terrible system on so many levels.  To make it even worse, the system assumes you to have X amount of magic item wealth that forces the system into a certain play style.  Not to mention the pricing and pricing guidelines of magic items is far from balanced.  Quick example, see what 100k of DMG magic gear will do for your attack roll, then see what 100k will improve your AC.  Changes here would possibly take the most work, but are the most needed IMO.

Spellcasting: Its just messed up on so many levels, the least of which is the huge volume of spells and trying to balance all this into the system.  A lot of the changes here are going to depend on what you want the magic system to be like, but there is also many problems with the current system balance-wise and such.  Just for a quick example, spell DCs are horribly designed, even changing them to 10 + 1/2 level + ability mod would be an improvement.  Definally easier to predict and balance, for sure.

Skills: need I say more?  Okay, how about career soldiers (eg fighters, warriors, etc) without access to Spot?  Or seige engineer?  Such job oriented skills should not have to be cross-classed.  And we need not even get into the 2 + Int skill points for so many classes.

Random hp/stats: Hit points per level should just be a flat number.  Random stats should be the 'alternate' and either point-buy or a set arribute array as the standard.

Level power curve/1st level chars: First level characters already get some extra bonuses (max hit points, x4 skills), but they really need more.  To go along with this, each level should net less power gain than the current system.  My rough estiment is you double in power about every 4 levels, it should be at most half this.

Ability score boosters: Just a few things I want to point out here is ability-boosting spells are too low of level, ability-boosting magic gear costs way too little, and I hate the fact that I am basically excepted/need superhuman attributes in 2-4 stats.  With the current rules, a PC with all of his attributes 18 or below after spells/gear/etc would be eaten alive at high levels.

There are others but that is good for now.  I will go into more detail on them if anyone wants to discuss.

Role-Playing Games / Spell Compendium / Spellcasting
« on: January 26, 2006, 11:23:57 AM »
This book is okay so far, although I haven't even checked out a 1/10th of the spells (over 1000 spells).  One thing I would have liked was a more definitive list for Wu Jen since I am playing one, all it gives for spells to add is "add spells with element (except air), wood, and metal themes."  They also renamed some spells which is kind of annoying at times, like "Aganazzar's scorcher" renamed to "scorch" (all spells with character names were renamed it seems).  There is also some typos and stuff that can be annoying at times.

So I had some questions on a few spells and was looking at the D&D forums to see if there was anything about them.  Um so I think way too many people do not understand the spellcasting rules, especially on lets say stacking spells.  IE you can't cast resist energy 5 times to gain energy resistance against all 5 energy types at the same time (cause you can't benefit from multiple castings of a spell unless the spell says that it can be cast multiple times).  They really should put this rule in the FAQ or something.  Out of like 50 topics where this rule was key, only in 2 of them was it mentioned... I forget rules all the time, and I know them pretty well (there is just too many rules to remember all the time).  But it seems like a more misunderstood rule than even AoO or grappling.

Movies and TV / The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
« on: December 09, 2005, 06:05:56 AM »
I just saw it, and I thought this movie was very good.  I will probably go see it again in the theatre.

Rants and Stuff / Undead Preparedness
« on: October 26, 2005, 12:40:34 AM »
Finally some serious research into the state of affairs our country is in against zombie attacks.

Role-Playing Games / Heroes of Horror - taint rules
« on: October 21, 2005, 02:12:26 AM »
Okay you get taint rules in Oriental Adventures.  Then you get an update on taint rules in Unearthed Arcana.  Now there are, updated yet again, taint rules in Heroes Of Horror.

I was reading the designer interview on the WotC about heroes of horror, and he was saying why he thought taint rules are better suited for dnd than the sanity rules.  I agree with him on some points, but others not so much.  He kind of implies that people are tempted to evil the same way Jedi could be tempted to go to the Dark Side.  But the taint rules don't make you powerful by going evil, they make you hideous and suck at stuff.  The new taint rules are like split into two catagories, Corruption (physical effects) and Depravity (mental effects).  Unlike the Unearthed Arcana rules, these don't just make you pukish in theory, they do mechanically.    Like for example, a minor corruption effect might be your feet shriveling up... but this also includes the game effect of reducing your speed by 10.  Or a major corruption, your nose rots off and you permanently loose 2 points of Charisma, or your body rots and you take -1 on all physical scores.

Even worse, they aren't even balanced with each other.  One of the severe depravity effects is always having to fight defensively and cast spells defensively (ie this can suck at times), another is permanent confusion (IE, your character is essentially unplayable).  There is stuff like feats and prestige classes based on taint, but they don't really make taint all that tempting, nor does it account for how incosistant and unbalanced they seem to be.

Yeah so basically I think the new taint rules are a downgrade, not an upgrade.  Oh yeah, and taint scores can now get into the hundreds, which means even more book-keeping.  I don't know about the rest of the book, but my first impression of the taint rules is they suck.

Role-Playing Games / Mutants & Masterminds 2nd edition
« on: August 25, 2005, 06:52:52 AM »
Since 42 was talking about doing a M&M game, I was checking out their website for ideas of what kind of superheroes to make and noticed they are coming out with a 2nd edition like next month.  So maybe you will want to check that out.

Here are some of the changes I noticed.  Power level and how many creation points you have are not related.  So before a 210 point guy would be power level 14, well now you could have 210 points but only power level 8, or 150 points but power level 14.  Lower power level but more points means you have PCs with wider range of stuff, etc.

No more super attributes, you just buy attributes like before and they can go over 20... usually limited to power level +5 on the abilitly bonus, ie Strength 30 limited to PL 5 or higher games, Strength 50 to PL 15 or higher games, etc.

Skills now cost 4 ranks per point, so having skills should be more common.  Ranks are limited to PL +5, and lots of skills were combined, like Hide and Move Silently are combined into one skill Stealth.

Damage save was renamed Toughness save, Evasion feat renamed Defensive Roll, etc.  And some feats you can buy multiple times to get more 'ranks', like the Minion feat you take multiple times depending on how powerful of minion(s) you want.

Strength is not added to Attack and Dexterity is not added to Defense.

You can no longer take another power as an extra of some other power, they are simply taken seperately.

Plus some other stuff that would probably make more sense if I knew the rules very well.

Rants and Stuff / Looking for Cthulhu story...
« on: July 20, 2005, 02:17:59 PM »
I am just finishing up a mini adventure for D&D, so I was getting ready to start another one.  The idea I have for it seems kind of familiar though, so I will try to explain it and if anyone knows of another story like it please tell me, or even if it just seems familiar to you too.

Okay it goes sort of like this.  Your basic horror-made-flesh Cthulhu creature, but he is invisible... so only if you get past the invisibility will you see how horrible it is and go insane.  And this thing protects some little kid, they are like buddies and when he talks about his monster buddy, people write it off as an imaginary friend.

Well I got a lot more backstory for it, but the part that seems familar is the boy who has this invisible Cthulhu as a buddy.  If its a lot like some other story then I'll want to change it a bit.

Rants and Stuff / Undead Questionnaire
« on: July 07, 2005, 01:09:00 AM »
If you come up with other good or funny questions go ahead and add them.

1. What are your thoughts on the new intelligent zombies, faster moving zombies, and Chinese hopping zombies, compared to the more traditional zombie?

2. Are you drawn more to the supernatural powers of undead, or their immortality?

3. If given a choice, would you prefer to be a lich, or a death knight?
 3a. (Bonus sub question, what is the origin of the lich and its name to the best of your knowledge?)

4. What do you think of the alternate spelling "Vampyre"?

5. Do you find it morally unethical for health care companies to deny coverage on undead Union workers?

6. Have modern stories, in your opinion, destroyed the fear of becoming a vampire?

7. What do you think of undead with seemingly no weaknesses (ie The Grudge, The Ring, etc).
7a. (Sub question, what do you think of the modern evolvement of atheist vampires unaffected by holy symbols?)

8. Half-vampires, hot or not?

Movies and TV / The Greatest American Hero
« on: May 19, 2005, 05:36:51 AM »
How cool is this, I was just walking through the store and saw Greatest American Hero season 1 on dvd!  Like everyone remembers this show, but I've never seen them play it on TV sine it came out like 20 years ago.  So its cool to finally see it again.  I was actually hoping this series would come out on dvd, but I never could find anything about it... then it just magically appears.  God must be happy with me... if only I could remember what I was doing right....

Role-Playing Games / Heroes Of Battle
« on: May 13, 2005, 03:34:01 AM »
I was suprised to find this book in stock, and I usually am unable to find any books until a month or so until they already have come out (and not just RPG books... grrr, still mad I don't have VHD yet).

This is basically a DM only type of book.  I've looked through it all pretty well, but only about 1/2 done reading it cover to cover (got to do this at least twice for every rulebook you buy IMO).  For those who don't know what its about, its about roleplaying during a war.  The basic emphasis is the war becomes the campaign setting (at least for as long as the war lasts), and your "missions" are the adventures.

To help the DM and players give some kind of measurable scale to how much impact the PCs have on the outcome of the war, it has this point system.  Achieving the objectives of your missions grant varioius amount of points, which you can then compare to your preset DCs.  In the same vain, you can also earn these other kind of reputation points which can be spent to increase your rank in the army or get awards, metals, rewards, etc.

There is also command auras, similiar to the Miniatures rules.  They give a small, feat-type morale bonus to some various stat (AC, saves, attack, damage, etc).  All allies within 30 feet who are of a lower command rank then yourself gets this bonus (so you never get the bonus from your own command rank... if all the PCs are the same rank in the army, then they wouldn't benefit from these at all... but if they have followers, animal companions, mounts, or troops that they are in charge of, then this can help buff them up a bit).  It also as a morale system to figure out if a squad of soldiers will fight or flee.

There is only like 4 prestige classes, each 5 levels long.  They are all really good, and most would be useful in a regular campaign and not just the war-oriented campaign that the book focuses on.  There's not very many new feats either, but they are pretty cool.  There is new Leadership feats that give you bonuses to the Leadership feat (stronger cohort, more followers, etc).  There's also some examples of skill use important to war.

There is these strange team bonuses you can get for getting your group of PCs to work together.  Nice, but there isn't very many to choose from.  I think you could apply the same concept to stuff more outside a war campaign, like a team bonus for working together socially or the like... but you'd have to make those up yourself.  Or maybe they'll make a new book for that type of campaign.  Wouldn't be too surprising since there is already several "series" type of book lines.

Well, that's all I got to say about that for now, unless someone has a more specific question.

Okay, just looking over at the d&d website and noticed "Heroes of Horror" coming out in October.  So I guess this is a new series.

Brandon Sanderson / Seons
« on: May 04, 2005, 11:14:28 PM »
Any way we can get some more info on the Seons.

Role-Playing Games / Victory Fanfare
« on: April 14, 2005, 03:46:21 PM »
Does your laptop have a soundcard, 42?  You should download the victory fanfare midi and play it next time just to freak us out.  I got all the mid files on my computer, or you could probably download them from here too

Okay for anyone wondering, like at least half the time we finish an encounter during DnD someone will start singing victory fanfare, which is the song you here after winning a fight in like every final fantasy game.

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