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Here is part nine. Picks up where the last left off. Vara is having a meeting with Sedgewick who likes to call himself, "The Barbarian of Wicksedge." Like I said, I'm slowing the pace down, and I will send the file out tonight or tomorrow. (I just made the forum topic while I was able to.)

Sorry I'm late and I haven't been commenting much, life has been busy. Thanks in advance for any feedback. I am slowing the pace down a bit, down to a normal story.

Reading Excuses / RE-3/28/11-MannyBrainpan-Untitled Fantasy Serial
« on: March 28, 2011, 04:50:52 PM »
The latest piece, I believe this one is twice as long as the others... I tried to introduce more of Vara's character, and mystery.
Previously, Vara had been talking with Leo, a speaking lizard, who seems to know more than he should. Enjoy!

I switched to Courier for my font, that is what I usually write in anyway, and it looks more professional or whatever. Please let me know what you think, I am beginning to introduce more of the secrets...
(If you missed Parts 1-3 just go to

In case you didn't read in the email, I was wondering if the story feels like its padding around too much. I am slowly dropping bits of info about the magic system because I really want to avoid flat out exposition. Other than that, I put in the email some name ideas...just wondering if you all had any name ideas.

I am new to RE but this is the topic to post your feedback for my Untitled Fantasy Serial which gets distributed every Monday with everyone's writings. And as to the weird funny/serious mix of the story, its because I am actually basing the whole story off random ideas I got from friends who filled in the answers to a madlib I made.
In case you're wondering, each part is titled but I have no name for the full storyline yet.

The plot summary is: A girl named Vara scrounges to survive, but when she meets an unexpected friend, she sets out to change her world.
             -Manny (

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