Author Topic: August 22nd - Akoebel - The Fifth Compendium, Chapter 9  (Read 4685 times)


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August 22nd - Akoebel - The Fifth Compendium, Chapter 9
« on: August 22, 2011, 08:49:20 AM »
Hi everyone,

Here is The Fifth Compendium, Chapter 9!

The situation : Destra, throws herself into the river to prevent Lorn and his men from taking away the book she's carrying. Ciera, a librarian, discovers the book while doing inventory and finds an old friend, Onmk, in the process. Lorn discovers that the book is still hidden in a library he can't enter. Onmk tries to help Ciera perform her library's inventory. Lorn finds a way into the library. He finds Ciera inside with the Compendium and gets her to accept translating the Compendium for him.

Chapter 8 : Ciera is a prisoner inside Lorn's house

When I first wrote the novel, I heavily researched cryptography (actually had to break my own cipher). As a result, two chapters did rely heavily on cryptography stuff, including this one.
In the next rewrite, I ended up removing much of the code breaking information. Pretty much all that remains is what you'll read in this part. Tell me if this is still too technical.

As always, comments will be greatly appreciated.