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Brandon Sanderson / Alloy of Law - Vanishers Theory
« on: August 12, 2011, 07:41:55 PM »
[Spoooilers? Idk what qualifies from preview chapters but if you haven't finished them stop here. Also, read them now because their amazing.]

I looked back a couple of pages and didn't see any topics specifically related to theories about the Vanishers so I was hoping to hear you guys' theories. Failing that, I'll start it off with mine and you can at least poke the holes in it.

The mysteries as I understand it are:

1. Who is the leader/ where did he come from/ who does he work for?
2. How do they steal the train cars?
3. What are they taking the hostages for/ why do they only want noble women?
4. Why do they want the money/ how does it figure into their endgame? (Wax notes them checking mouths etc. in chapter 5)
5. What is their endgame?

My hypothesis:

2. (This is the only real hypothesis): So basically aluminum mistings can't actually do anything, and bendalloy mistings can't produce large enough bubbles to steal entire train cars, but I'd say you use hemalurgy to stick aluminum-burning into a bendalloy misting and boom problem solved, except maybe you use a couple of them in conjunction.
    -Also, 1. hemalurgy would be more likely preserved in Koloss culture since it was much more out in the open, so the leader's Koloss blood could be connected to him knowing about it.
     -And, 3. aluminum gnats fit the bill because they would be born into noble families (due to the misting concentration) but at the same time not have any Allomantic powers to speak of (aluminum does nothing on it's own). Idk why the hostages are all women though.

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