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Brandon Sanderson / Re: How much of the prophecies can we trust?
« on: July 12, 2008, 06:43:27 PM »
I think we can do better than most people here are thinking.

The obvious things are the logbook and Kwaan's bumps, but there are logical things that we can do as well.  Remember when Sazed and Tindwyl are reading the modified account, and Tindwyl is worried that the story (as modified by Ruin, but she didn't know that) didn't make sense?  Remember that Sazed barely had a chance to read the plate before he copied it.  If Ruin's power was anywhere near as complete as some people here seem to think, Ruin could have made it anything he wanted, but instead he did the bare minimum to keep it from alerting anybody about his plan.  The logical inconsistencies could have and almost did stop him from being released (by making Sazed suspicious)!  Surely he didn't want that.  No, I think that Ruin's power was much more limited than we usually credit it with.  I don't think he would have tried to change every scrap of information everywhere because it would take too long, would have had little point and much more importantly could have alerted somebody that something odd was happening.  He probably focused his efforts on the key players.  The changes with respect to the heroes' height are a case in point; he changed Sazed's copy of Kwaans slab, but not the other records that described the hero as being tall.

So:  using logical guidelines, what else can we say is true?  Is there a Hero of Ages?  Was there any truth to Kwaan's religion (and if not, how did he discover Ruin?)  What he says on his metal slab implies he had figured out that something was controlling his religion and that releasing the power would release it.  How did he know that?  And how did the Kandra get their religion which knows about Ruin and Preservation if someone didn't tell them?  The truth must have been somewhere.   Surely there are hints in the text; logical consistencies or inconsistencies that might take us somewhere.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Rashek's hatred not misplaced
« on: July 11, 2008, 11:25:14 PM »
A point. If Rashek is insisting that the HoA has to be someone of Pure Terris Blood, it's possible Kwaan told him. Possible, mind you; Kwaan is the one who said Alendi was the Hero.

I think, in the third book, that Sazed will end up being the HoA that saves the day at the end. Alendi quotes some of the prophesies, and I find it amusing that Sazed fits those descriptions. the headings on Chapters 8 and 21:

He shall defend their ways, yet violate them. He will be their savior, yet they shall call him heretic. His name shall be Discord, yet they shall love him for it.

The Hero of Ages shall not be a man, but a force. No nation may claim him, no woman shall keep him, and no king may slay him. He shall belong to none, not even himself.

Crazy idea.

Not at all.  Have you noticed the many mentions of how tall Sazed is (especially in Mistborn 1)?  It's strongly implied that the original versions of the prophecies (not the ones modified by Ruin to make them fit Vin) predicted his height.

Brandon Sanderson / How much of the prophecies can we trust?
« on: July 11, 2008, 11:21:12 PM »
Hello everybody.  This is my first posting in this forum.  I've read most of the recent posts, though, and have skimmed through the archives.  In addition, I've read Mistborn 1 & 2 and all the annotations.  While reading through the threads, I couldn't help but wonder if anyone had set up a particular place to discuss what we know of the prophecies and which ones can be trusted.  I have some ideas on the subject, but was wondering if there was a thread already set up to discuss this.  I would hate to contribute to unnecessary rehashing.  I do believe there are some things we can know and some we can believe with a degree of uncertainty.

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