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She took the earring out. Page 570 of the WoA hardback.

Ah.. now don't I feel foolish.  Thanks for the reference.

First off, great book, great series.  I had been anxiously awaiting this last book for several years.  It didn't disappoint.

Just one question.  How was Vin able to take and release Preservation in the Well of Ascension while wearing her mother's earing which was a Hemalurgic spike?

At the start of chapter 49 it says this: "The power in the Well was of Preservation, and an Inquisitor could only have taken it by first removing his Hemalurgic spikes." 

I assume anyone who was wearing a Hemalurgic spike would be included in this group, not just an Inquisitor.  For the same reasons that the mists repelled against Vin while she wore the earring.  Or was it the fact that released it rather than used it that allowed her to do it?  I'm still not quite clear on how that whole sequence of events worked in the Well of Ascension.


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