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Brandon Sanderson / Re: The 16th metal's power--Potential spoilers.
« on: April 24, 2008, 11:11:04 PM »
Well, the 15th metal turns a normal schmoe into a full blown Allomancer, so I'd say that's pretty powerful.  "Deific" Metals?  Seeing as these metals affect your ability to use metals, shouldn't they be Allomantic metals?  I know this isn't very creative, but aluminum definitely does not give you god like abilities.  It's pretty boring, actually.  Also, if they are related, then what they should work in a relative way.  I'll explain:  Duralimin - Greatly increases the amount of power drawn from another metal.  Aluminum makes the metals currently in your body powerless.  Therefore, if metal 15 (or 16) grants a person the ability to burn metals, then the other one wuold most likely take it away.  Also, in order to make this work, you wouldn't be able to choose to burn these metals.  They just do what they do as soon as they enter the body.

I'm not sure if the 15th (or 16th) metal is what Elend swallows (if that is what makes him a Mistborn).

It seems like if that was the case, than everyone would be a misting.

It seems to be a rule that as a misting you can only burn one metal.  It could be that everyone who can't burn one of the other metals can burn this one, and by burning it, it grants access to allow you to burn the other metals.

That seems sound, but I have a few issues with that.  One is that I don't believe everyone is a misting.  Mistings were created by the Lord Ruler, and there is all kinds of evidence suggesting that it's inherited through blood.  It just doesn't seem likely that all Skaa would fall into the category of being the kind of Misting that can burn this kind of metal, while somehow nobels fall into that category as well.  Plus, how would this work with Snaping?  Would you have to Snap before you can burn that metal?

Also, it doesn't seem that likely when you look at Mistings compared to Mistborn.  If this logic was the case, it would imply that anyone who can't burn one of the other metals can become a Mistborn.   However, someone that could already burn one of the other metals (ie a Misting) wouldn't be able to be a Mistborn, since they would have to burn this metal, which means they would be able to burn two metals, which doesn't fit the rules.  In this case, if someone was only able to burn say aluminum or duralumin then they could potentially be less powerful than a typical Skaa who can't burn anything?  That doesn't seem very likely.

In response to the bolded part: Aluminum certainly does not give you godlike abilities. However, it essentially "destroys" the metals in your body. Going with the fact that only gods can create and destroy things, I think this is the best logic for these metals.

In response to the non-bolded part: No, I don't think this is true. I believe that Partum is automatically burned once it enters your body, as is Dispartum. This is weird, I know, but ah well.

To Chaos: Are you going to edit the first post?

Brandon Sanderson / Re: The 16th metal's power--Potential spoilers.
« on: April 23, 2008, 11:03:31 PM »
I myself would think that the sixteenth metal would take away the power of Allomancy. You did say something of the sort:

"Metal 16. Unknown metal #1 - Metallic Internal Pushing Metal. Burns away "the power" in an instant, power of creation.

I say "the power" because I'd like to say "The Power of Allomancy" but you can't burn an ability away. The only thing really able to burn is the power at the Well itself."

If an ability can be created, why not destroyed? I agree that Aluminum is Pulling and Duralumin is Pulling, though.

I also have a better name for the metals than "Metallic." Aluminum essentially destroys any metals inside a Mistborn's body, whereas Duralumin essentially creates an enormous flash of power. The fifteenth metal--let us call it Partum, the Latin word for "create"--creates Allomancy, whereas we think the sixteenth metal (Dispartum, let's call it) destroys Allomancy.

Do gods not create and destroy things? Therefore, I believe these should be called the Godly metals, or the Deific metals.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Atium Mistings?
« on: April 23, 2008, 10:44:26 PM »
Atium: Seer/Oracle would be cool. I think Seer works best.

Malatium (eleventh metal): Hmmm... maybe... Historian? 'Cause they see other people's pasts.

Gold: No idea. Maybe... Soul-searcher, or just Searcher?

Electrum: Was this metal ever even used? This could be Oracle.

Aluminum: Losers. Heh... all they can do is make themselves have no metals.

Duralumin: Losers as well... It's useless without other metals.

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