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Brandon Sanderson / A conclusion I have come to . . . .
« on: April 06, 2011, 01:22:12 PM »

I know who Hoid is.

Ever noticed how sometimes he says stuff that's super useful, but may not seem useful.  Other times he says stuff that seems useful, but is way off?

Doesn't that sound like a certain Mok to you?

Everything Else / I hereby Decree . . . .
« on: March 28, 2011, 02:27:33 PM »

that Mountain Dew and Gogurt is the new breakfast of champions.

CCGs / Booster Draft!
« on: March 16, 2011, 08:16:14 PM »

So I ended up not going to the standard tournament a couple days ago.

I am getting ready to leave to go to a Booster Draft in Syracuse today! =D

I'll let yous guys know how I did.

(I'm nervous, as this will be my first tournament.

CCGs / My MTG decks (advice)
« on: March 06, 2011, 12:30:20 AM »

Hey! I just recently started playing this game again. I've spent entirely too much money on boxes of cards and boosters recently.

I'm not too good at deck building, at least not yet. This is what I've got, any input on what I should change would be very helpful.

I'm trying to use red for direct damage and white for preventing damage.

Keep in mind I'm trying to keep it standard. (I just spent forever today getting rid of non-standard cards.




Chandra Nalaar

White Creatures:

Leonin Relic-Warder
Sunblast Angel
Victory's Herald
Kabira Vindicator
Kor Firewalker
Iona, Shield of Emeria

Red Creatures:

Fire Servant
Cinder Pyromancer
Prodigal Pyromancer
Tunnel Ignus

Artifact Creatures:

Molten-Tail Masticore
Vulshok Replica x 2


Trigon of Rage


Pacifism x 2
Arrest x 2
Journey to Nowhere
Armored Ascension
Darksteel Plate


Lightning Bolt x 4
Galvanic Blast x 3
Heat Ray
Burst Lightning
Soul Parry
Safe Passage


Fireball x 2
Wrap in Flames
Concussive Bolt
Day of Judgment


Teetering Peaks x 2
Mountain x 6
Plains x 8
Terramorphic Expanse x 4


Koth's Courier x 2
Rapacious One
Peace Strider x 3
Whispersilk Cloak x 2
Divine Offering
Shieldmate's Blessing
Iona's Judgment
Lava Axe x 2
Turn to Slag]




Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas


Pierce Strider x 2
Gust Skimmer x 2
Memnite x 4
Silver Myr x 2
Treasure Mage
Psychosis Crawler
Myr Sire x 2
Spire Serpent
Gull Draz Vampire
Oculus x 2


Elixer of Immortality
Dreamstone Hedron
Sorcerer's Strongbox


Darksteel Axe
Paralyzing Grasp
Mind Control x 2


Corrupt x 2
Gruesome Encore


Unsummon x 2
Summoner's Bane
Stoic Rebuttal
Suffer the Past
Grasp of Darkness
Whiplash Trap


Soaring Seacliff
Island x 11
Swamp x 10


Morbid Plunder
Sign in Blood
Morbid Plunder
Preordain x 2
Flight Spellbomb x 2
Nihil Spellbomb
Stoic Rebuttal
Quicksilver Geyser
Silverskin Armor
Doom Blade



Blightsteel Colossus
Tangle Angler
Tel-Jilad Fallen
Priests of Norn
Rot Wolf
Corpse Cur
Blight Mamba
Frontier Guide
Phyrexian Digester x 2
Infantry Veteran x 2
Tine Shrike x 2
Plague Myr
llanowar Elves x 3
Wildheart Invoker


Wurm's Tooth
Trigon of Infestation
Savage Silhouette
Strider Harness

Holy Strength


Inspired Charge
Unnatural Predation x 3
Giant Growth x 2
Mirran Mettle x 5
Mighty Leap
Primal Bellow


Green Sun's Zenith

Turntimber Grove
Razorverge Thicket x 2
Forest x 8
Plains x 9


Priests of Norn x 2
Wurm's Tooth
Pelakka Wurm
Viridian Emissary
Ezuri's Archers
Dryad's Favor
Holy Strength
Inspired Charge
Gold Myr
Copper Myr x 2
Viridian Corrupter
Wing Puncture

Video Games / Wakfu beta
« on: February 15, 2011, 03:43:37 AM »

I just got a key for this game.  I'm excited to start playing it. "] It's being developed by Ankama Studio and being published by Square-Enix. =D

Anyone else heard about this game or have a beta key?

Writing Group / Random half asleep motivation for steampunk computer!
« on: February 07, 2011, 08:05:05 AM »

Soooooooo I was lying in bed half asleep and I kept visualizing this scene (which will be near the beginning of the novel I'm doing research to begin writing.) It's probably not as good as I feel it is this late at night, but please tear it apart and tell me in what ways it could be better. Ty <3

tabbed   Isaac walked groggily into the lab, which he had only abandoned a few hours prior. He had gotten close to the answer the night before. The leather-bound briefcase and thick wool jacket made a thud and thwump as they were placed on a desk in the corner of the room. Isaac rubbed his eyes and turned to the cages that lined the wall containing rats in different degrees of health. "Good," he thought, "they managed to get me new specimens already this morning. I'll have to thank Dianne when she brings my lunch."
tabbed   As he watched a machine on the table in the middle of the room spin he pulled a wad of tobacco from a small pouch he found in his jacket pocket and rolled it in a piece of tobacco paper fun in the same place. The whirling contraption was missing a panel on the side closest to Isaac. Inside cogs and gears could be seen. It was powered by a thin white tube that was plugged into an air outlet in the floor next to the table.
tabbed   Squinting to see, Isaac saw there was nearly an hour left before the new recipe would be ready for testing. He turned to his desk to begin to write up the report he hoped to send in that day. This would be the fifth time he had begun such an endeavor, he prayed this one wouldn't end as tragically as the others.
tabbed   When Isaac plugged a thick white cord into another air outlet on the wall a large box on the floor began to hum. On the desk a rectangular shaped screen made soft hissing and clicking sounds as microscopic pistons pressed themselves against the screen to form colors and patterns. The screen shone with the bright logo of the GATE company . He lifted a keyboard off the nearly three foot high, two foot wide box on the floor and set it on the table. The keyboard had a white tube similar in size to the one on the mixing device, though it didn't plug into an outlet, instead it plugged into the large machine on the floor.
tabbed   A login screen appeared and Isaac typed in the company password. As he pressed each key a small puff sound could be heard over the hum of the gears in the box on the floor. Each key made a slightly sound slightly different in length and intensity than others, the pressure made from pressing the key would be sent down the tube to indicate to the computer which key had been pressed. Upon pressing enter a light, created by the flame of a burning gas, appeared in the upper, right, rear corner of the component at the side of the desk. It stood steady for a few moments before it began to flicker very quickly, shining its light into a wire made of many small clear pieces of plastic. This light would pass though the plastic to communicate with the companies server, or so Isaac had been told. Jeff from the computer department had developed the process only a few months prior.
tabbed   Fifteen minutes later his screen changed and icons began to show. He could see on the screen many of his recent reports to the head of his department. "This takes so much longer than it used to. I hate this goddamned network," he thought to himself as he used the arrow keys to move to the document writing application and hit enter. The next forty-five minutes were spent typing up a letter claiming his success.

Video Games / DC Universe Onlin
« on: February 05, 2011, 11:51:06 PM »

So I have this game installing atm.  Anyone else play?

I'll post my thoughts later.

Books / Steam punk research reading list
« on: January 26, 2011, 01:07:20 AM »

So I've recently decided to pick up an old project of mine.  Reading through it I found quite a few good elements and some atrocious ones.  I realized I was very strong on the vampire mythos, but my world building sucked when I wrote it.  This lead me to decide I need to do a lot of steam punk reading to find what people have done.  So I can get some ideas on what to research specifically as well as make sure to not write something that has already been written.  (Yes, I said vampires and steam punk referring to the same project.)

I picked up a book by Cherie Priest today called Boneshaker.

My question to yous guys is, what books should I add to my list of books to read for well built steam punk worlds and cultures.

Music / The Moldy Peaches
« on: September 13, 2010, 12:16:02 AM »

Does anyone besides me listen to them?

I've only ever met two other people that like them and it makes me sad that so few people do.

Brandon Sanderson / WoK: Shalan - near end of book **SPOILERS**
« on: August 31, 2010, 01:28:19 PM »

I want to know why the heck she has a Shardblade!

I'm hopping to work so I don't have long to post my theories, but I want to come home to yours!

Brandon Sanderson / Brandon Book List
« on: July 11, 2010, 08:00:36 AM »

Because I can NEVER seem to remember what topic this is in I'm going to give it it's own topic. I will always add to and edit this as it's needed. I'm not sure if my most recent addition was added to the right number, Peter does this look right as far as numbers go?

* - All titles marked with an an asterisk are confirmed canon Shardworlds that reside in the Cosmere.

1)White Sand PRIME
2) Star's End
3) Lord Mastrell
4) Knight Life
5) The Sixth Incarnation of Pandora
*6) Elantris
7) Dragonsteel PRIME
8 ) White Sand
9) Mythwalker - Unfinished
10) Mistborn PRIME
11) The Aether of Night
12) Final Empire PRIME
13)The Way of Kings PRIME
*14) Mistborn 1 : The Final Empire
*15) Mistborn 1 : The Well of Ascension
16) Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians
*17) Mistborn 1 : The Hero of Ages
*18) Warbreaker
19) Alcatraz vs. The Scrivener's Bones
20) Dragonsteel: The Liar of Partinel PRIME
21) Alcatraz vs. The Knights of Crystallia
22) Alcatraz vs. The Shattered Lenses
24)The Gathering Storm
25) Stormlight Archive: Way of Kings
26)Towers of Midnight

27)Nightblood Warbreaker Sequel
28) Dragonsteel: The Lightweaver of Rens

29)Scribbler 2
30)Scribbler 3

31)Alcatraz 5

32)Stormlight Archive 2
33)Stormlight Archive 3
34)Stormlight Archive 4
35)Stormlight Archive 5
36)Stormlight Archive 6
37)Stormlight Archive 7
38)Stormlight Archive 8
39)Stormlight Archive 9
40)Stormlight Archive 10

41)Dragonsteel 3
42)Dragonsteel 4
43)Dragonsteel 5
44)Dragonsteel 6
45)Dragonsteel 7

46)Elantris Sequel

47)Mistborn 2 :: 1
48)Mistborn 2 :: 2
49)Mistborn 2 :: 3

50)Mistborn 3 :: 1
51)Mistborn 3 :: 2
52)Mistborn 3 :: 3

53)Dark One

54)The Silence Divine
56)I Hate Dragons Maybe Alcatraz(universe) book
57)Zeek Harbinger, Destroyer of Worlds Maybe Alcatraz(universe) book
58)The King's Necromancer

A Memory of Light :: (Split into three because of length)
59)A Memory of Light

Everything Else / ARE YOU WATCHING WIMBLEDON!?!?!?!
« on: June 23, 2010, 08:38:16 PM »

Longest match ever.  On game 100 something, fifth set at 55 - 55. I can't believe this.  It's ridiculous!  You have to admire the determination in these guys.

Brandon Sanderson / Atium sticker
« on: June 07, 2010, 07:44:23 PM »

So this weekend at Pride in SLC, Ryan and his wife had a both selling, well gay pride type stickers and things. I talked him into making me an Atium sticker. It's got a cool sparkly red background and is semi-large. Here is a pic of what it looks like on the back of my 17" MacBook Pro.

EDIT:  Ryan and his wife are the people who do all of Brandon's stickers as well as Dan's buttons and shirts and such.  (I also hear there will soon be Brandon shirts. >>')

Rants and Stuff / connection problems
« on: June 02, 2010, 05:47:56 PM »

Anyone else having connection problems?

Brandon Sanderson / Burning away the curse
« on: May 28, 2010, 11:18:41 PM »

Below you will find a picture of me burning my paperback copy of Warbreaker.  You may wonder why.  Well, let me tell you: 

(Note: I still have my hardback #2 copy)

For some reason, when this book was available on the forums and was first being written I didn't read it.  I'm not sure why, I just didn't, and I didn't read following copies.  Last year I went to the release party for Warbreaker and received the #2 copy of the book.  (I only got #2 because Llalimar got #1.)  This was the beginning of the curse.

A while later I printed off the book to read it, because I dislike reading my hardbacks and there wasn't a paperback out yet.  I ruined a printer printing off the book.  Then, I began read the book.  Soon after I got fired from my job, for reasons not my fault and the person who fired me got fired for unfounded firings of multiple people.

I stopped reading for a while and worked with my grandfather doing roofs.  I then started reading again at the beginning of fall semester last year.  Some wires got crossed somewhere and I couldn't get financial aid for school that semester and wasn't able to go to school.

Then I stopped reading it.  Period.  Then, the paperback came out.  I bought a copy and started reading.  My keys disappeared as well as my sister's wedding ring.  Again I stopped reading for a while.  I picked it back up determined to push through to the end.  My dog died.

Today, I finished the cursed book and burned it for all the problems it causes.

One good things did come from these curses though.  I changed schools and majors, which was good.

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