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Brandon Sanderson / Book 14 Title
« on: July 01, 2009, 08:08:52 PM »
We've all read the explanations stating that books 12, 13, and 14 are all to be considered volumes in a larger book, but really, nobody is going to look at it that way.  it's like the Lord of the Rings: it's one tale told in six books, called The Lord of the Rings.

nobody knows of or remembers the subtitles of the six books, nor do most people see the series as one whole as a single volume.

people just know that the first book in the trilogy is Fellowship, the second is Towers, and the third is Return.  of course, what they call "fellowship of the ring" is really volumes 1 and 2 of the single book lord of the Rings, but that's not the way people think of it.

so to the main point of the post: Tarmon Gaidon is the tentative title for book 14.

can we please, please use the title that Robert Jordan originally planned for the last book: "A Memory of Light"

It's a great title, and if you leave it as the supertitle (? is that the opposite of subtitle?) of the final "Book with three volumes", nobody is ever going to use it.

I just can't imagine a conversation with someone where I call one of the final books "AMoL:TG" or "AMoL:GS"

lastly, it doesn't follow the naming scheme at all.
the _ of _
Gathering Storm I can live with, because at least we have Great Hunt and Dragon Reborn in that scheme as well...

And as a final note aside from the obvious of wanting to avoid using made-up words as fantasy titles (which does absolutely nothing to help common perceptions of the genre, all of the other titles had a certain... poetry to them.
Crossroads of Twilight is one of my favorite titles, Crown of Swords, Knife of Dreams, Fires of Heaven.

A Memory of Light <-perfect title.

in short: nobody's going to remember that the last three books are all going to be part of the same volume called "A Memory of Light" with subtitles, they're just going to call it by the name that distinguishes it from the others.

I don't know if "A Memory of Light: the Gathering Storm" is still on the title page of book 12, but I can't imagine it's gone to print yet, so there's still time to take it off.

Please abandon your subtitles approach to the final trilogy, and end the series with the title that RJ wanted!

Brandon Sanderson / Casting for Warbreaker
« on: June 19, 2009, 05:48:41 AM »
Ok, reading warbreaker, and I would like to nominate Neil Patrick Harris to play Lightsong when a movie is made of this book.

Anyone have any other ideas for good actors for these characters?

I'll preface this by stating that i have sent emails to Brandon (through his website) and Howard (found his email address on his website), but was unable to find an email address for Dan.

So here's the basic premise: I love Writing Excuses, Brandon's books, Howard's comics, and am waiting with bated breath for the day i can finally get my hands on a copy of 'I am not a Serial Killer'

I live in Chicago IL, and a few weeks ago, I attended the pre-launch party of the first ever Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), which included a focus group where, among other things, the people running the con asked us who we wanted to see there.  I, of course, mentioned Writing Excuses. (Also Brandon Sanderson specifically)

They seemed rather receptive to the idea, because they are hoping that this con (by far the largest in the region) will open to more than just comic books:  with booths featuring both video and tabletop gaming, and even a rumored booth for TOR books.

Now that I made by plea at their end, I am here to make it to you directly:  bring Writing Excuses to Chicago!

I don't care if they ask you to come, if you ask them to invite you, or if you meet somewhere in the middle, I just want to see a live panel with WE.

C2E2 is slated for mid-April 2010.

Their website can be found here:
The company running C2E2 also runs the NY Comic Con:

Brandon Sanderson / C2E2: 1 year and counting
« on: April 18, 2009, 03:54:47 AM »
Exactly one year from now, Chicago's newest (and by far the largest) convention will kick off their first ever con.

C2E2 (Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo) is run by the same folks who run the New york Comic-con, and yesterday I attended the pre-launch party, which included a focus group asking what we'd like to see at the con, as far as guests & ect.

I, of course, mentioned you.  (Long-time reader, love the podcast, don't post, but lurk on occasion)

So basically: what are you doing a year from now?

mid-april is probly too late to be a part of the GS book tour, but it'd still be great to see you (or even better: the entire Writing Excuses gang) our to Chicago

[edit:] I suppose I should provide some links:
C2E2 site:
NY Comic Con site (run by the same group of folks):

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