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Brandon Sanderson / Sazed, The effects of holding two shards, and Odium
« on: September 10, 2010, 07:52:38 AM »
We've all heard everyone's concern about our friendly neighborhood Terrisman. Will he be ok now that Odium's around, and Saze holds two Shards, thus making him something of a threat. What I've been wondering about, though, is how is Saze going to hold up with both Ruin and Preservation attempting to shape him to fit them better?

We know that the Shards do affect the nature of their Bearers. After all, Ati was apparently a kind man at first, rather than a raving lunatic who only really wants to destroy the world. So what's going to happen to Saze now that he's got two opposing Shards working on him? Will the two cancel each other out, or is Saze going to go insane? Or something else?

Reading Excuses / January 25 - Andrew the Great - Lawless Prologue
« on: January 26, 2010, 04:22:00 AM »
If you haven't got this yet, you should be receiving it shortly.

I didn't have time to polish up chapter four the way it deserves, so you get the prologue, which is kind of a cop-out, but that's ok.

Obviously this is kind of important, since it's the first thing in the book. What do you guys think? (Be harsher than usual, since this is the first thing people will see).

Thanks in advance!


Reading Excuses / December 14 - Andrew the Great - Lawless Ch 3 (Revision)
« on: December 15, 2009, 05:05:09 AM »
Ok, I think I've mentioned this before, but over the past two weeks, I've done some major revision and outlining for my story. It's been in a flux, with all sorts of things changing, but I think it's now stable, with a better than ever plot.

However, two weeks ago, I submitted a very rough chapter 3. Very rough. And so now, because it was so very rough, and because of the fact that Aedon's (whose viewpoint ch 3 is) entire storyline got drastically altered, I am submitting the revised chapter 3, which is actually the new chapter 3, because it has pretty much nothing to do with the other chapter 3, except for the war that was mentioned there before. Pretty much anything else that you may have picked up in that version of ch 3 can be completely disregarded, because it's probably wrong.

Summary up to this point (It changed a little on the rewrite, but not enough for me to resubmit those chapters. Especially since I haven't rewritten them yet):

Chapter 1: Khyus
Khyus is framed for destroying the property of most of the merchants in a village near his place of residence. He runs away to avoid being whipped, and in the process accidentally kills four men. He is abducted by a mysterious mage, who reveals that he set Khyus up and give Khyus the option of either coming with him or being killed on the spot. Khyus decides to go with the mage, who reveals that his name is Quinn.

Chapter 2: Khyus
Quinn and Khyus have a discussion about Deviation, the magic system which both Khyus and Quinn can use. Various lessons ensue. Khyus also runs into a room full of mysterious objects made out of bone. Khyus explores, and worries about Quinn's motivations for abducting him. There are several important things discussed in this chapter, but I really can't bring them up without giving away a lot for future chapters, and they're mostly hidden in internal thoughts.

Chapter 3: Aedon
What you are reading now. I personally think that it came out much better than the last chapter three, but then that shouldn't be difficult. I hope so, anyway.

Next Up: Quinn, who is ridiculously fun to write.

I should also mention that understanding Deviation is pretty important to the plot at some points. If people haven't read the earlier chapters and want to join later on, I can give you a fairly detailed summary of what you know so far on that as well.

As always, thanks for any comments!


Rants and Stuff / Windows 7
« on: December 12, 2009, 05:37:48 AM »
I spent the last 5 hours trying to fix a problem with windows 7 - every time I would try to access something from My Computer or use any of the Windows Search Functions, Windows Explorer would stop working. After much googling, several possibilities tried (and failed), I finally got it to work. Still, I'm currently using Ubuntu just because I don't want to deal with windows right now.

Anyway, I was curious to see if anyone else had tried windows 7 or had similar problems with it.

Reading Excuses / Nov 23 - Andrew the Great - Lawless Ch 3
« on: November 25, 2009, 03:22:57 AM »
Hey all. Me again. Sorry to submit this late, but I only just got back from Utah and now I have internet access again.

First order of business, I've tentatively titled the book Lawless. Anyone have any issues with this title that I should know about? If so, voice them now before I get too set on it. (And if it's stuff like "I don't like it" I'll probably ignore you. Unless EVERYONE says that. Then that's a problem)

So as always, I apologize for the NaNoWriMo quality of this material. I did a quick once-over, but this probably needs some major revisions before seeing the light of day.

Yes, I'm aware that the first several pages of this chapter are a large historical infodump. That needs to be fixed, and will be in the revision. So bear with me here, ok? I promise, it gets better.

This chapter is from the viewpoint of an expert Deviator, so you finally get to see the slightly more technical side of what's going on.

You also get a much larger sense of the world, though like I said, I need to kill the historical infodump.

That said, I would love to hear about what you guys think about the balance on internal thought (On the not-infodump sections, anyway.... I know the infodump is REALLY heavy on it).

Anyway, thanks in advance for the comments!

Ok, here's the latest out of my book. This chapter ran really really long. As in, like, way longer than I ever expected it to. So if you see a place I could split it effectively, let me know. I thought about taking the first section and splitting it off, but there really isn't enough material there for it to stand on its own. Would it maybe work to split it off and attach it to chapter one? Although it really isn't the greatest suspense to end with.

Did I mention that it's long this week? As in, 6,700 words long. **Ducks for cover**
**Smiles Sheepishly** Sorry

I'm a little bit worried that this will feel like an infodump. That, and I still don't really have Khyus' character completely pinned, which makes it a little difficult to write him. I find it a little bit ironic that I know exactly why my side characters are doing what they're doing, but not my main character. Anyway....

Sorry again about the excessive length. I was under the impression that this was only 5k words or so, but then I just checked again and its 6700. Anyway.

Comment excessively. Grammar edits are as appreciated as continuity and other issues, since this is all NaNoWriMo stuff now, and it kind of hasn't had much revision.

Thanks in advance for any and all comments.


EDIT: Just by way of warning, my next submission is 5400 words. I just checked. Consider yourselves warned.

Oh, and as Chaos would say, Eviscerate with Extreme Prejudice! Not really sure where that came from, but it is pretty dang catchy, I'll admit.

Ok, so as mentioned, this is my first attempt at discovery writing. It's a little vague at times because of that.

Oh, also, the version you all got was virtually un-edited. I wrote it, saw Chaos' permission to post, did a quick skim-over, and sent it off. So it may have some really awful grammar and such. That, and it may be slightly disjointed at times.

Please be harsh. Please??? I hate it when people think that they need to spare my feelings. I'd much rather have you guys tear me to pieces and me get better than just have you say, "Yeah, looks pretty good."

Not that that's really a concern here.... but at the same time it is. You know?

Oh, and there's no prologue yet. I haven't figured out what it's going to be.

EDIT: Based on what little I know of the plot of this book, I'm thinking of calling it lawless. Just FYI.

Rants and Stuff / Final Elections for the New Hero of Ages
« on: October 27, 2009, 01:09:15 AM »
Ok, here we are, the final showdown between our two candidates for Hero of Ages. This is the place to cast your vote. The candidate who receives the most votes will be inaugurated by myself on November 1st. Then they will take over as the Hero of Ages.

The Candidate who receives the second-greatest number of votes will be considered the runner-up Hero of Ages, to do what I am currently doing (filling in as Temporary Hero of Ages) in the event that something should happen to the Hero (Like assassination or impeachment).

If the candidates have anything they would like to say to convince the voters of TWG that they should be the new Hero of Ages, now is the time to do it.

You have 6 days from the time I posted this. Go. (I know, that was a pretty dramatic way to end my awesome speech)

Rants and Stuff / Nominations for Hero of Ages
« on: October 13, 2009, 05:07:18 AM »
Well, Chaos was officially removed from office. We need to get a replacement in as soon as possible. I'm acting Hero of Ages for now (I was Chaos' runner-up), but I promised to speed up the process of getting a replacement as much as possible. So, everybody submit your nominations. Note that all nominations must be seconded. Also note that I am not, in fact, eligible for office, as I previously renounced my candidacy. Neither is Chaos, as he's just been removed from office, and the poll does state, "A new hero of ages elected." As in, not the same one. You have one week from today to nominate people. That means that on Monday, October 19th, we will start primaries. Then, once we've narrowed it to 2 or 3 candidates (probably about October 25th), we'll have a final election. The post will be filled by whoever has the most votes on November 1st, the official day to take office.

I also propose that we institute a one-year term for the office of Hero of Ages. Any objections to this? Want to propose an alternate term? Great. Reply here. We'll go with whatever seems to be the general consensus. This is, after all, a democracy.

I'll start. I would like to nominate little wilson for the position of Hero of Ages. Anyone willing to second it? (Wilson can't. No self-nominations or seconds. Note that Wilson can also decline the nomination if she so desires)

Rants and Stuff / Punishment for Chaos
« on: October 03, 2009, 12:26:18 AM »
So if you want a punishment that isn't on the list, I'll add it if you tell me.  I wasn't sure how long we wanted a term to be either, so I said November first, because that puts the term at about 1 year, which seems reasonable. If you want to shorten the term to a different date, vote for option 2, then post here what you would like to be the shortened term (Yes, at this point, anything is a shortened term, because we don't actually have a defined term).

Brandon Sanderson / Scholastic tightening up with Alcatraz 3 release?
« on: September 23, 2009, 02:22:20 AM »
So, having tried for the last month to find a copy of Alcatraz 3, I've come to the conclusion that either a) Scholastic is being much stricter than usual with the release, or b) my local bookstores suck and just aren't selling it yet. And the local bookstores of all my friends and extended family. So, I'm wondering if anyone else has managed to get their hands on it yet, and if so, where at?

Rants and Stuff / Impeachment Articles against Chaos
« on: September 12, 2009, 02:45:37 AM »
All, right, as some of you may know, Chaos has been abusing his privileges as Hero of Ages. He has claimed that he has the Divine Right to do basically anything. He has claimed the title of Lord Ruler as his own, though he was not elected to the position, tyrannical as it is. And he has neglected his responsibilities to the members of the Time Waster's Guide as Hero of Ages. As such, a motion has been made to impeach Chaos. The results of this poll will determine Chaos' fate. Consider the deep responsibility you bear in voting on this issue, and good luck.

The poll will run for 20 days. Consider carefully before voting, but don't miss the deadline.....

EDIT: Anyone know how to change the poll so that it's only visible after the deadline? It won't let me do it, for whatever reason.

Brandon Sanderson / The Gathering Storm Chapter One
« on: September 05, 2009, 05:50:40 AM »
The Gathering Storm Chapter One is now available for free on The easiest way to get there is probably to go to Dragonmount's news section, where they provide a link, which I'm too lazy to do.

EDIT: Link: Dragonmount News Article with this and other WoT related announcements

Ok, I decided to do a new topic instead of just replying in my questions thread because I heard several things from Brandon that I thought everyone would want to know, and not just the people who posted in that thread. I had an extensive conversation with Brandon, like 45 minutes of just me asking questions and him answering, and then there was an hour before that of other people asking questions and him answering. So, if you asked a question that I didn't answer, I'm terribly sorry. I hope you'll just be satisfied with these answers, plus some fun new (to me at least) information. Plus some that I know is new because he told me so.


WoT Questions:

1)Who Killed Asmodean? (The single most repeated question. I heard it like 30 times just while standing in line.)

2)Will we find out who killed Asmodean in The Gathering Storm?

3) Will you write any other WoT Books after the series is finished?
A: That depends on a lot of things. First of all, if Harriet wants them written. Second, if Brandon feels that they are being written for the right reasons. He would consider writing the Prequels and outriggers if and only if he felt they were being written to complete and enhance the story. If on the other hand he feels like they are just continuing the WoT Franchise, then no. He also said he wouldn't write anything other than the prequels and outriggers no matter what.

Mistborn Questions:

1) What would happen if a person were to burn a metal that was feruchemically charged using allomancy?
A: The metal used in allomancy is like a key or a doorway to the power that Allomancy actually uses. The metal acts as a filter, much as the Aons in Elantris do, to determine what the power actually does. However, if the metal is feruchemically charged, then it will basically become a super-burst of feruchemical power with no allomantic effect. The feruchemical charge acts as a filter as well as the metal, and changes what the power does. in this case, say you were burning steel, you would just be massively speedy for a second, and wouldn't actually have the ability to push on anything allomantically. Hope that answered the question. I get the concept, so if you need me to explain it differently, let me know and i'll try. Oh, the other thing I forgot is that this concept only works if it's a metal that you charged yourself. If it's a metal someone else charged, it would just work like regular allomancy, and the feruchemical charge would just cease to exist.

2) If someone aluminum or duralumin burned the feruchemically charged metals, what would happen?
A: Basically the same thing as above, except with aluminum. Aluminum, they would just go away.

3)Does Lerasium have feruchemical and hemalurgical powers.
A: Yes. Brandon will probably be getting into these, and the other metals hemalurgical and feruchemical powers, in greater detail in the future Mistborn Trilogies. He also will probably release full charts for these as he did with allomancy.

4) What benefit does an aluminum savant get?
A: (After a short period of laughing) Is it even possible to become an aluminum savant? You'd have to be burning aluminum consistently, and aluminum just kind of goes away in a burst.... After that, he discussed how being an aluminum misting will likely be considered a handicap in the Mistborn RPG because you can't pick up other allomantic abilities.

5) What do the burnlands look like?
A: The burnlands are the area surrounding the Final Empire Area. They are liveable on the border, but as you get further and further from the final empire, they get more and more barren until eventually nothing can survive. Basically a really large desert. Brandon also mentioned that some koloss live there, because they can survive, and some humans live on the border. These humans actually have some technology that the final empire did not, because they needed it to survive, and/or because they were far enough from the oppression of the Lord Ruler to develop new things. Because of this, the border of the Burnlands would actually be a good setting for a game.

6) Where do the mists go in the day, why do they just disappear?
A: The mists are kind of like the physical manifestation of Preservation's power. During the day, the power is still there, but the mists that accompany them during the night are burned away by the sun. So really, it's more that they are somehow linked to preservations power, and come out at night with the power, but they can't stay with the power during the day because of the sun.

7) Before the Ascension, why did the mists appear just as the well was gaining power? Did they come out at other times?
A: This one is trickier. From what I got out of it, it's because the mists are a manifestaion of preservation, and physical manifestations of preservation (including allomancers) are intended to do two things - stop Ruin, and Protect the Well of Ascension. Which are kind of the same thing. So, when the Well was dormant, the mists didn't really have much to do. The deepness form of the mists is a result of the concious part of Preservation freaking out and trying to produce a way to protect the well, mostly by producing more allomancers. That's why the mists do all the funky things in the Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages - they're trying to produce more allomancers to combat Ruin.

8) Why did the mist sickness only happen after the Lord Ruler's Death?
A: It didn't. It just happened on a much smaller scale. As you remember, the Lord Ruler basically =stagnation. Because it seemed the Lord Ruler would be taking the power again (as was intended, and as apparently had been done many times before), and because of the extreme stability of the Final Empire, Preservation (though it really only had a shadow of it's mind left) wasn't as freaked out. After the LR died, Preservation began to attempt to create more allomancers for the reasons mentioned in question 7. It also left clues, such as the number 16 everywhere, so that people would know it was preservation doing it, and not just random chance, or ruin. Turns out that that didn't work so well.

Warbreaker Questions:

1) If Denth had let Vasher erase part of his memories, would he still retain the skills he had learned during that time?
A: To an extent. He would still have the reflexes and such, but skill isn't entirely reflexes, so he would lose the parts actually associated with memory. It would be easier for him to re-learn, due to his already having the reflexes, but he wouldn't be nearly as good at these skills without the memories or re-learning them. As a side note, Denth almost did it. Like really really close. He decided not to because he felt that he would be losing part of himself. And he would be right.

General Questions:

1) How do you name characters?
A: Based mostly on linguistic patterns and other things like that. When Brandon has a particular group of people, they speak a particular way. He constructs names for them using those speech patterns.

2) Will you be attending DragonCon this year?
A: Yes

Other Happy and Exciting information on various books:

Nightblood: Would mostly be about Vasher and Vivenna hunting down the last of the five scholars. Apparently.

Way of Kings: Is set on a strangely awesome world. Apparently, a super large storm (like hurricane size) passes across the Earth every few days. This happens in a very predictable cycle. Because of this, there is no soil anywhere, everything is stone. The plants and animals have adapted to this environment, so they are also pretty strange. The plants, for instance will be much like a coral reef. They have shells, or can withdraw into the ground, and do so when the storm comes. They also will do the same thing if you try to step on them and such. So like, as you're walking, the grass around you shrinks into the ground, and pokes back out again when you pass.

I also found out that the Way of Kings is largely about the birth of magic, since Brandon was tired of fantasy books talking about the death of it. As such, most of the magic systems are largely unknown, and will be explored. There was at one previous time, several hundred years past, magic on the earth. However, it's been gone for a while, and is being rediscovered. There are a total of 30 planned magic systems, and the books will jump around chronologically between the present and character's pasts. The technology level is a typical fantasy, Renaissance minus gunpowder. At least I think that's what he said.

He also mentioned these awesome suits of armor and like 6 foot long swords that he called "Shard Plate" and "Shard Blades." Apparently, they are the only relics left over from the time when mankind originally did have magic. Also, in the mythology of this world, mankind originally lived in heaven. However, a race of beings called (I think) the Voidbringers conquered heaven and basically cast mankind out to the earth. They made war on them again and tried to cast them out to hell, but mankind devised These Shard Blades and Shard Plate as a method of fighting the Voidbringers and were able to push them back. He also mentioned that the world is currently basically dominated by those who have these magical items, and one person with a suit of shard plate and a shard blade is basically the equivalent of an army. When I asked him if these were related to the Shards of Andonalsium at all, he said, "Maybe." He also confirmed that the Stormlight Chronicle (Way of Kings) takes place in the Shards universe.

The reason Way of Kings is called the Stormlight Chronicle apparently has to do with the massive hurricanes that come through every few days. If you leave a gemstone out during the storm (and affix it to something so it won't blow away), it will gain magical properties. One  of these is that they give off light, called stormlight. The other that he mentioned is that they can be used kind of like a battery, and are used to power the Shard Plate Suits. 

That's all I remember about the Way of Kings right now, maybe I'll remember something later.

Some as of yet unwritten book that I can't remember the title of, but know that it included the word Divine. Maybe Ook can help me out here. Anyway, it has a magic system in which the magic is caused by bacteria. Basically, the bacteria and parasites want their hosts to survive as long as possible, so they give them magic. The example Brandon used was that if someone caught the common cold, they could fly until they got over that cold.

The second mistborn trilogy: Takes place in an urban setting with guns, cars, skyscrapers, etc. Plot will center around a group of allomancers paid by the government to take out allomancer criminals and will involve a mistborn (which is rare at this time) serial killer.

Brandon briefly mentioned Dragonsteel, but didn't say anything substantial about it except that it included dragons and that it was 7 books long. That was just about it.

Over-arching thing with the shards of andonalsium: Brandon told me tonight that he actually has a chart/list thing with all of the books that he's planned in the shards universe. His exact words were something about having an arch over thirty-six books involving the shards of andonalsium. Which makes me wonder if we're going to get some of the story about andonalsium. He also said that there were only a few lines in each book to give us clues. Apparently there's something in the HoA, but I didn't notice anything when I read through it. Of course, I wasn't looking for it. He mentioned that there were 36, or possibly 38 (he couldn't remember which) books that would be in this universe. They included all of the mistborn books (all 3 trilogies), all of the Stormlight Chronicle, all of Dragonsteel, Elantris, Warbreaker, White Sands, the Other book that I mentioned but can't remember the title of, and others. I'm excited.

So that's what I remember for now. If I remember anything else, I'll let you know. If you have questions, feel free to ask them, they may make me remember something more. 

EDIT: I find it funny that I posted this without realizing that 8 + ) = 8). So that's the reason for the random sunglasses man.

EDIT 2: I forgot Elantris Sequel, if it happens. If Brandon makes one, it will be from the viewpoint of Sarene's uncle's children. Or I guess that makes them her cousins. The one who was like autistic and the other little girl. I don't remember their names.

Brandon Sanderson / Questions to pester Brandon with?
« on: June 20, 2009, 02:28:15 AM »
Ok, as has been mentioned, Brandon is doing a signing tomorrow in Idaho Falls, which happens to be my home town. I went out to Barnes and Noble tonight and noticed a sign that said it started at 1:30, and I think Brandon Mentioned on his blog that it was going until 3:30. I mention this for two reasons:

1) Anyone wanting to meet up, I'm good with that. We can pester Brandon together. PM me or something. Or just post here.

2) Anyone who has any particular questions you want me to pester Brandon with, I'll get answers for you. Even if it's RAFO. But still, I will attempt. So post any questions you may have, ridiculous or not (Yes, I will ask the ridiculous ones, though it might be difficult to find a way to work them into the conversation).

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