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Dan Wells / nightmares on Im not a serial killer street
« on: May 05, 2010, 08:50:51 PM »
Dan, first of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! on your three book signing deal!! YAY!
 You may or may not remember me from the LDStorywriters conference where you took full and complete responsibility for my nightmares... I have made it all the way to chapter 3 with out grossing out too much ( just kidding) and have been night mare free. BUT I am sure the book is just getting warmed up for the real creepy crawly stuff!  I have to also say, I have glared at your book sitting with my others, getting the guts up to open it up and be ready to be freaked out by the content. It took a lot of courage to go for it. But I am really liking it and wondering about the research you did when writing it... like are you having the same curious tendencies of John. Just kidding. =0)   I have to say it has taken me some searching around on the internet to find a place where I could tell you that I put on my brave face and dove in... even if it did take me a couple weeks to get there.
  Thanks for talking to me at the conference and for joking around with me there! It was one of my most memorable and fun parts of the being there, and the only book I got????? was the one you signed. =0) 
 p.s. if I do get nightmares.... I will let you know...I promise!

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