Author Topic: Times- City to pay nearly $1 million for wrecking home of Clemmons’ aunt d  (Read 3119 times)


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If you read the story,baidu, you find that 8 people were living in the home and only 3 were children so there were more lost wages than 2 adults. The main error in this story is that it attributes all the money to Ceda which is not true. Others living there were reimbursed for their losses. The house is not even in Ceda s name so she is not receiving the restoration money but it does make a better story doesn t it? Flash the name Clemmons across the page and then mention a near million no mention of the other damaged structures on the property. I would not go through all that for 2 million. I must say that there are mean spirited folks here as well as in Wisconsin. And if I got a call from a crazed family member saying he was coming to my house,Healdsburg named one of the best small towns in America@@@@@, you had better believe I would get my kids out of there pronto. and not to stop to use the phone. So easy to judge when you re not part of it.