Author Topic: Film Business! and Do you have a dream of working for film?  (Read 2284 times)


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hey i donīt know if anyone here is in the film business or is studying in this area .
i just want to talk a bit about the place of sci-fi, fantasy, horror and all to those belonging sub-genres in this  industry.

i donīt know how it is in the UK or in the USA, but in my experience those genres are still the black sheep who get sneered on.
they all want to make "serious" films.
 and donīt we all know that sci-fi and fantasy is stupid and doesn't belong to good movies or literature ;-)  and oh games are dangerous for children ?!
ok not everyone thinks so but nevertheless itīs a main opinion. may be because of the professors who are teaching those classes on the universities - i donīt know.

are there places, forums, cons, where young writers, - illustrators, - filmmakers , who love those genres... encounter each other?
wouldn't the world than be a happier place ;-) ? well my world would!

guess this topic is more a wish-topic

if you could, for which film oder tv-series would you want to work for? i wish i could work for doctor who.

(sorry for my wobbly english!)