Author Topic: Dominion. Which heading is correct?  (Read 6126 times)


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Dominion. Which heading is correct?
« on: December 07, 2009, 03:20:47 AM »
I posted about the game Dominion under the table top heading, but then I got to thinking that Dominion is a card game, so I'm going to repost here. Mods, if the double post doesn't work, I'll let you decide which one to keep. Thanks. :)

My brother broke out Dominion over the Thanksgiving holiday. I didn't play at first because it looked too complicated. (Ha, and Magic isn't? :)) Anyway, the first time I played I loved it. It is a card game where decks are built, but all the cards are included in the main game.

At first I thought, okay, MTG with less cards, which it is. But I also love the diverse gameplay. The game has 25 'Kingdom' cards, but only ten are played in each iteration, making it hard to repeat the same game. The card interactions are fun, some of them matching the best combinations in Magic.

If anyone has some thoughts on the game, I would love to hear them.