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Re: I Love Goodreads
« Reply #45 on: August 20, 2010, 05:46:04 PM »
I'm one of those that definitely reads the reviews...even for the authors that I love to death.  I use them to help get me in the mood to plow through the book, and to get excited about what's coming.  If it's an author that I've never read before, the reviews (and sometimes who wrote them) are critical to my buying the book.

With Brandon Sanderson, my brother was the first review that I got, and I bought everything he had published after that (there's no fail in buying a Brandon Sanderson book).  Now I'm waiting for the first moment that each new book comes out, and gnawing on the short stories and blogs on his website in the meantime.  I can't wait until he's done with the WOT books so that he can go full time on his own series.  I've even gotten to read an advance copy of one of his books that won't be published for some time, probably...not sure if that was a good idea, since I LOVE the story and it's gonna kill me waiting for it to get published.  I read Warbreaker on line twice and then bought it immediately when it came out.

Now, I'm the happy winner of an the dismay of my brother who is a die-hard Brandon Sanderson fan.  He flipped out that I "scooped" him on this one.  He was already planning on being at the midnight signing for the release.

Okay, now the suspense is killing me waiting for that ARC to show up...Mr. Postman, WHERE ARE YOU???? 

Honestly, I used to be a cynic ...


...Sorry for the long winded rant!!

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