Author Topic: March 21 - LongTimeUnderdog - The Name of God Anaiah 1:5  (Read 1444 times)


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March 21 - LongTimeUnderdog - The Name of God Anaiah 1:5
« on: March 22, 2010, 03:39:12 AM »
And the fifth Anaiah Chapter.  Amazingly shorter then most of my other submissions.  Maybe because it's really bad.  Or I just could not decided what else to do with it.

Anaiah 1:  As a very tiny  girl, Anaiah was found and adopted by Caramoth, the village smith.  She has white skin, everyone else in the Ziphoa tribe has black skin.  they all think she's a witch and want to kill her.

Anaiah 2:  Anaiah, quite the outcast and her father because of her, is now 10 years old and wants to be a warrior for the tribe.  Annoyed and tired of a girl named Hilva trying to pick fights with her, Anaiah tries to ask Amoz, the High Chief's son, to teach her to fight, since Sallu, the war chief, won't do it.  Amoz tries but Sallu won't allow it.  Hilva tries to pick another fight, this time with weapons.  Sallu sanctions it and Anaiah is given weapons.  In a rather amazing turn of events, Anaiah defeats Hilva.  Outraged, Hilva tries to kill Anaiah again, only to be cast out from the young warriors.

Guli 1:  Guli, a boy who can make Rocks dance and who is so strong that even the largest weights are toys to him, is found by a tribe of pygmies.  they take him in, hoping to use him to work their mines with his magic.

Zulbane 1:  The jungle tribe discover a strange boy who has a name (surprising to them) and can speak (all of their men, after birth, have their mouths sewn shut).  They take him to the local scribe, but she is out.  Her assistant/apprentice buys the boy from the women who found him.  the apprentice is really the boy's sister but knows him by the name Traxix, not Zulbane.

Jin'Cathul 1:  Jin'Cathul is the son of famous research scientist, Talven Del'Nosa'Gosa.  while studying the phenomenon known as the Shroud, what is supposed to be what makes Lyrisism work, are invited to investigate the first hole to ever appear in the Shroud.  The hole was discovered when an old artifact made from a metal called orcan did not vibrate in a room.  Further tests with lyrisism proved there was no Shroud there.  Jin'Cathul, a magical prodigy in his own right, assisted his father in researching the hole, but the dagger seemed to take a very different effect then had been witnessed before when he initiated his powers.  When contact was made between Jin and the dagger, stuff exploded.

Anaiah 3:  Day and Night are explained, while Anaiah and her father prepare for the oncoming night.  To protect themselves from the Darken, the Tribe gathers together around a huge bonfire with torches on the outside to spread the light as thick as they can.  Fire seems to frighten them away.  When the Darken are no longer a threat, the tribe relaxes and prepares for the night.  Hilva confronts Anaiah again, intent regaining her place by defeating Anaiah in another fight.  Anaiah, unarmed, tries to scare the girl away but only manages to enrage her.  during the fighting, Anaiah's favorite toy is broken and with that, it almost kills her.  It would have killed her if not for the timely appearance of Caramoth, who's quick work saves her with the help of Hammond, Amoz, and the High Chief.  Anaiah decides that her father must be the greatest human being in the whole world.

Jin'Cathul 2:  ON the run from House Mezuu, Jin and his father go the Bazaar to make some extra money before venturing into the Hellfane desert.  Instead, a woman named Jalean, who seems responsible for their escape from House Mezuu, demands that Jin be given to her as payment for saving them.  Less then reluctant, Talven gives the boy up who is taken in and made a slave of the Pits.

Anaiah 4:  At the Bazaar, Anaiah learns her father has no intention of giving her her own weapons and is instead given a red dress so she looks like every other girl her age at the Bazaar.  While Anaiah and Hammond set up their tents, they are approached by another of the crater tribes, the Apara, who demand equal treatment.  Ziphoa (Anaiah's tribe) and the Apara do not get along.  Their arguement, however, is a ruse so that Caramoth can work a plan with them to conquer some of the more resource rich lands the Houses have.  The Houses are also fighting a war with a group called the Hesk and most of Caramoth's product goes to assist in that war effort.  The More Caramoth sells them, the more people will be moved to the front of the war by his reckoning.  This gives himself, the High Chief, and the Apara a better chance to hit the Houses while their less defended.  No one, after all, has ever attacked the Houses from the Hellfane.

Anaiah 5:  Anaiah hates where a dress, and begins to question the the validity of her distaste for witches, especially when there is so much she can learn from them.