Author Topic: Fall of Pangeo :: Jobs  (Read 2242 times)


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Fall of Pangeo :: Jobs
« on: December 12, 2009, 11:44:00 PM »

Characters focus on at most two jobs without having a penalty.  If more than two job sets are being used the character does not have time to focus enough on their skills and are less skilled than others in those fields.  Those who choose to only focus on one profession tend to have a higher than average knowledge within that area.  Different job fields can be combined as the character sees fit to create new things not seen before.

Land Vehicle Technician :: Land techs make a living using whatever they can find to create vehicles that move well across the land.  The more the have available the better and faster the vehicle can become.

Water Vehicle Technician :: Swimmers can create water vehicles ranging from above water vessels such as boats to more advanced, underwater means of transportation.

Air Vehicle Technician :: Air techs create a large array of mechanisms.  Some focus on small individual flight methods such as jet packs and single man air fliers.  Others like to create massive vessels that can hold a small settlement worth of people.

Surgeons :: Surgeons are good at extremely complex medical procedures in controlled situations.  In the heat of battle they are near useless, however, the battle ends and they are invaluable. 

Computer Hacker :: Characters that are good at infiltrating modern and archaic computer systems.

Computer Engineer :: People who can create new computer systems.  These new systems can be used to augment nearly every type of technology from Computer Hacking to Vehicle creation

More later if we decide we want/need them.