Author Topic: Fall of Pangeo :: Class Types  (Read 2176 times)


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Fall of Pangeo :: Class Types
« on: December 12, 2009, 11:22:43 PM »

Warrior :: These characters focus on physical combat.  They tend to wear thicker and heavier armor and clothing than others.  Warriors usually use swords or bludgeoning weapons, but few have been known to pick up a gun.

Smuggler :: These characters tend to do what will make them the most money.  They try to avoid physical fighting, standing at a distance using bows, crossbows, or guns.  Smugglers generally have large amounts of money and access to a large amount of contraband. 

Medic ::  Characters who choose to be medics are not good at any form of fighting.  They tend to be good at avoiding the battle while tending to their friends and team mates.  Medics do have basic skills with a weapon of choice, but aren't nearly as good as those who focus on such things.

Bounty Hunter :: Bounty Hunters only concern is money.  They do whatever will give them most money and have a wide range of weapon skills.  Most Bounty Hunters move from group to group, not gaining more than materialistic bonds with those around them.

Assassin :: These characters are generally extremely loyal to one group.  They are highly skilled at being unseen.  If they catch an opponent off guard the battle is most certainly already won, but get them out in the open and they will struggle to win.

Monk :: Monks focus solely on the use of Gaian energy as a weapon.  They nearly never use any kind of conventional weapon.  These characters are either good at healing and supporting their allies, or physical battle, almost never both.

ALL character classes can use some level of Gaian energy.  It's abilities affect only skills relating to their class skills.