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« on: May 29, 2009, 07:01:34 PM »
     Has anyone here ever played or even heard of the RPG Fireborn? It was published by Fantasy Flight Games back in 04 or 05. I got it around that time, but never got around to playing it til the past month. Apparently, FFG no longer supports that game, so it has joined the ranks of who knows how many other RPG's that are pretty much dead. Anyhow, It's a way fun game, where your characters are modern londoners who are reincarnations of ancient dragons. London, itself, is having a sort of magical reawakening, and your characters get to deal with all the dark forces that are returning, while periodically having "flashbacks" in which they play as their dragon form in the mythical age.
     It has an fun and dynamic system, and the combat reminds me of a fighting game.
     So has anyone else played it, or am I alone in the world?