Author Topic: Xbox Live/Online Gamer Tags for those who want to share the fun and play togethr  (Read 10505 times)


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I don't go on too much but I do play.

Mainly I'll be playing Halo 3 or Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero: World Tour, so if I'm on while your on you can always add me or something...

my XBL GT is benvolio3 (creative, huh?)
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I only play one game, Shadowrun, the best FPS ever!

But it's always more fun to have people to play with. My tag is Shoby187. It's funny, I actually don't play on the 360. Shadowrun is a game where I can play on vista against people on 360.
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XBox gamer tag: Utaboshi
Steam ID: stridera

I play RPGs/Action on xbox and FPSs on steam.  Feel free to hit me up for a game. :)
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I'm always looking for some competition.  I play just about anything (except sports, racing and music game [Lips is the exception])

gamertag: Pengwenn


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Slamel (duh)

Halo 3
Fear 2

However in a few weeks each of these will be retired for Borderlands, and then Dragon Age, and then Modern Warfare 2.


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Yeah hit me up for a game of whatever im:

Nick Narcotic