Author Topic: About: Changes as of Shards of Alara  (Read 4450 times)


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About: Changes as of Shards of Alara
« on: June 05, 2008, 03:09:27 AM »
All I can say, is I am much less excited about drafting after Even Tide. Or even doing sealed. Taking away 5 commons for sealed and replacing them with useless land?! And 3 less for draft? That's ridiculous.

I don't mind the smaller sets, as long as they don't get too ridiculous. I was tired of Morningtide fast with the lack of variety. I'm much more of a first-set-of-the-block kind of gal. I am in love with Shadow Moor, and am crossing my fingers that Even Tide synergizes the block even more.

I don't know if Brandon will ever check this lurking forum, but I'm wondering -- you really liked Time Spiral, but what did you think of Future Sight? I thought it was pretty, but extremely erratic and inconsistant -- it destroyed Time Spiral block drafts IMO by taking away some of the synergy.


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Re: About: Changes as of Shards of Alara
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2008, 06:05:11 PM »
I think Brandon and I (and the rest of our group) only drafter Time Spiral block once, but we thought it was pretty fun. Lack of synergy was the whole point of that block for me, and I was profoundly delighted by every weird card that looked like it didn't fit. But that might be because the primary block mechanics bored me.

The thing to remember about drafting under the new model is that even though you'll lose three commons, the reduced set size will actually make the rest of the cards much easier to get, and your decks and draft archetypes will end up being much more consistent overall. Considering that you only use 23-24 of your 45 cards anyway, I don't think the drop to 42 will be all that damaging, particularly when you consider the greatly reduced card pool.
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