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A synopsis.
« on: September 09, 2007, 01:53:57 AM »
OK so for a long time I have been contemplating the difference between the players of different CCGs, to be specific Magic and L5R. Let me start out by saying that ever since I was 8 and cracked open my first booster of magic I have been a huge fan of the game type, though since I moved to Utah, Delta to be exact, I have had little chance to do anything but talk about them since in delta there is no one who really plays an ccgs. Now since I do not know much about the Utah ccg scene I do not know if the points I am bout to make will be valid here. If I offend anyone I am sorry, it was completely unintentional.

Now I shall begin.

First of all in my experience, most of which is taken from my time in New York state and California, It has occurred to me that many Magic players tend to be, well, jerks. Now It could be the stores that I frequented, but it from everything that I have seen and has happened to me that this is true. Ni ow I am not saying there are no jerks that play L5R. Far from it! I have just met more a-holes playing Magic than L5R. Now my thinking is because there is less sense of comradery and community, since the tornements have no effect on the story, Also there is a complete lack of factions, you play not for a group but only ones self. This makes them, in my opinion, more selfish.

Now I meant to write more, and probably will eventually, but since my time has drawn to it's end, and my ideas have ran away, I now bid you farewell.