Author Topic: Heroclix: Justice League set list and dials  (Read 7492 times)


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Heroclix: Justice League set list and dials
« on: August 26, 2007, 06:38:19 AM »
HCrealms has a, supposedly, complete list of JL.  What you need to know:

Green Lantern ATA:  All Characters with the Green Lantern team ability have the following team ability instead of the Green Lantern team ability:
When a character with this team ability makes an attack against a target character, you can modify the character's attack value by +1 for each friendly character with the GLC team symbol that has attacked the target this turn.

Contingency Plan: Pre-Requisites: Leadership or Mastermind
If the character's controller does not use all of his or her actions for a turn, put a contingency token on this card if there are two or fewer tokens on this card. When a friendly character is given an action, you can remove any number of tokens from this card: The character modifies the friendly characters speed, attack, or range value by +1 for each token removed.
When the character loses Leadership or Mastermind, remove all contingency tokens from this card.

characters worth looking at because of their custom powers:

All 3 batmans, Luthor, Granny Goodness, Firestorm,Big Barda & Mr. Miracle

I know Fell will be happy with those two feats, Contigency Plan was something he was talking about that was needed for Leadership before he knew the feat existed.  The fact it works for Mastermind makes it that much better.

If the list is true JL is looking to be one of the better clix sets done.
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