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Best review of 2006 -- Active
« on: March 18, 2007, 01:17:57 AM »
Name: Best review 2006
Image: TBA
Type: Unique
Level: 2+
Award Method: Achievement
Cost: N/A
Active: Yes
Active Date: March 17 - April 5th 2007
Description: Voted Best review at TWG for 2006

Every year we got a lot of great content created by our forum and friends and so we want to start showing our thanks by offering a unique award, meaning there's only one of them, for the best in show here at TWG.  Next off we're doing best review article, which can be anything that's a review (simple eh?), meaning a score given on the page, how this contest works is described below:

1)During the week of March 17st-March 27th  PM Spriggan with your favorite review articles (max 3 please) nominations, these articles must have a publish year of 2006 also don't nominate yourself or we'll toss your submissions, also don't bother trying to create a new account to nominate yourself, we have that level restriction for a reason and can easily determine who's cheating.  This isn't which item being reviewed was the best, but the actual review it self, how it was written, how funny, fair, ect it was.

All eligible articles can be seen by clicking here.

2) Spriggan will then take the top 5 articles and create a poll allowing everyone to vote on their favorites (again you'll need to be level 2 to vote so don't bother trying to cheat) between March 27th-April 5th .

3) On April 5th the winner will be awarded their prize.
Good Luck!
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