What is the most frequent you can post if we make it mandatory?

Seven times a week
2 (25%)
Five Times a week
0 (0%)
Four Times a week
4 (50%)
Every Mon-Wed-Fri
1 (12.5%)
Every Tue-Thur-Sat
1 (12.5%)

Total Members Voted: 8

Author Topic: REQUIRED RESPONSE FOR S.N.E.A.K.S. PLAYERS -- Posting Frequency  (Read 3157 times)

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Some of you are following the post rules and some aren't. As they currently stand, you're supposed to post three times a week. Only a couple people are doing that.
One idea suggested is that we be required to post daily. I can do that, I want to know if the rest of you can. If you can't, we'd like to set a schedule for it, so people know when to look. So, poll it and give me your feed back.