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Re: Summer Games
« Reply #60 on: May 21, 2004, 07:14:59 PM »
M&M is OGL. What it retains, essentially, is the prime abilities. (Str, Dex, Con, etc). Those are free up to 10, then cost 1 pt per 1 ability raise.

Feats cost 2 pts
Skills (under standard ruels) are 1 pt for 1 rank (there are no "class skills"). I'm still hoping 42 will let me use the optional rule for cheaper skills, skills are way expensive.
Super Powers are variable. I'm not listing them all. My recommendation is send 42 your concept and let him work it out.


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Re: Summer Games
« Reply #61 on: May 21, 2004, 09:37:34 PM »
Sounds like a plan.  I am assuming I need a backround, prefered skills and how much of each I would like, Character Name, Type (nuetral, chaotic nuetral, ect.) and other common RPG factors... all this should be included, correct?
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