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Fall of Pangeo :: Storyline
« on: December 12, 2009, 11:09:58 PM »

Prior to mankind's second fall the continents of earth had formed into a super continent that resembled that of its ancient ancestor.  This new land mass was named Pangeo.  Humanity continued to grow, but having grown so close in proximity to each other their infighting had grown worse than ever. 

In an effort to remain in control the United Nations of Pangeo began developing new technologies which would divide the land mass, allowing them to raise their country into the air and move it at will.  A large portion of the rest of the world's population felt this defied the laws of nature and waged war against those who supported UNP.

This war went on for nearly a millennium before all the equipment was in place for the UNPs recession.  Mid November 7,500 AD their plan was engaged.  Rockets shot from satellites in space cut off a full third out of the center of the continent.  This mass lifted from the surface of the earth raising miles into the air and it began a journey to the other side of the planet.

Upon arrival at its new destination the landing sequences were engaged.  Before they made it half way to landing the mechanisms failed do to terrorist intervention.  Large pieces of land were blown off and landed in the sea, while the rest of the city continued to hover in place, a mile above the ocean surface.

In retaliation for the terrorist attacks the the UNP launched a massive missile strike at what was left of Pangeo.  The amount of weapons raining from space would have been enough to destroy the entire continent if it hadn't been for intervention of Gaia.  The earth itself lashed out, massive amounts of energy shot from the UNP's old residence and destroyed the incoming missiles.

This attack left many scars upon the planet.  Four large spires of earth grew from the newly divided mini continents formed from the outer Pangeo as they broke apart from the center crater.  Another identical obelisk grew from the center of the stationary floating continent that was once the UNP. 

Inside each of these monuments was a network of caves that lead deep into a small inner sanctum.  These sanctums floors and vaulted ceilings were connected by a strand of energy similar to that which had defending the planet years earlier.

The crater, now its own continent, grew dark and lifeless, aside from the dark beasts that spawn within its depths.  Slowly these creatures spread throughout what was left of the world, destroying nearly all life.

The year is now 22,000 AA (After Apocalypse).

Most of humanity has collapsed.  There are two primary factions left.  Those who seek to destroy the Spires of Gaia, and those who seek to preserve them.  The first group argues that by destroying the outward forces of the planet Cerberus' crater will fall into a deep slumber, leaving the world to grow again.  The second believe Cerberus' crater and the Spires are a warning, sent forth by Gaia and that if the spires were to be destroyed the planet would lash out in unimaginable ways, destroying them all.

Weapons such as guns have become rare dew to the lack of ammunition manufacturing.  People have begun to revert to older forms of weaponry such as bows, crossbows, and wielded weapons.  Technological skills have become important in this new world, whether they be the ability to create and use vehicles, weapons, or access and use archaic computer systems.

Energy released from the planet has seeped into the every day life of those still alive.  Many people don't realize it's presence, but when they focus strongly they can use their body as a catalyst for the power.

These factions fight for their beliefs at all costs, both set on the salvation of the planet their ancestors destroyed.
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