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Flash and webcomics
« on: June 16, 2004, 10:36:53 PM »
Every once and a while I come accross someone who try and combines flash and comics into some type of webcomic and rarely do I find any of it well implemented.  Usealy they're trying to use it as a Content Management system(CTM) and it can be used for that if done right, but there are allwayse those that try to add some type of interaction or animation to them.  And to be frank they allwayse are poorly implemented or just plain bad ideas.  Strangely I've allwayse wanted to do one.  Anyway there are 2 Croc hunter adds going around that if I did one this is how I'd try and do them.

I've uploaded them onto my site for easy refrence

the first one
note on the above SFW, it's supposed to be embedded into an HTML file, that's why you see things that are "outside" the actual border.  Its a pretty commoin practice when it comes to flash animation.

the second one
Screw it, I'm buying crayons and paper. I can imagineer my own adventures! Wheeee!

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