Author Topic: MTGO and....Thallids!  (Read 5825 times)


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MTGO and....Thallids!
« on: November 07, 2006, 07:52:58 PM »
Hey, I play Magic the Gathering Online and Made a thallid deck. It's awesome with Coat of Arms (which gives +1/+1 to each creature for every other creature that shares it's type) so if I have 5 saprolings, they each get a +4/+4 bonus!
Also, there is a card called Thelon of Havenwood (each fungus gets +1/+1 for every spore counter on it) and you can remove a fungus card in the graveyard from play to add a spore counter to each fungus in play...
Awesome card!
All these thallids are from the new time spiral set (including the timeshifted cards)