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Site News / Re: Introduce yourself - right on!
« on: September 10, 2007, 01:32:12 PM »
*waves*  I'm Julie, I live in West Jordan, UT, with my husband, my son, two cats, and a hyperactive French Brittany.  I have a degree in Biology from WTSU (I think it's still called that, even after the merger with Texas A&M; I'm woefully out of touch with my alma mater).

I write science fiction, fantasy, and a smidge of horror.  So far, it's all been short stories, but I hope to write a novel someday.  My goal this year is to finish at least one story a month (fell down on that in August *sigh*), and to submit something every quarter to Writers of the Future until I either win or am no longer eligible.  I've had one story accepted by Renard's Menagerie.

I also cut my writing teeth on fanfiction. *dodges tomatoes*  I know, I know, controversial topic to some.  But Joss said we should go forth and write the stuff, and who the heck am I to say "no" to him?

I got my notification in the mail the other day that my story made the quarterfinals (top 15%).  This is a story I actually sent them by accident.  I was formatting two stories for submission: this one--which was supposed to be going to F&SF--and another one, which I'd planned on entering in WotF.  WotF was so much on my brain that I formatted this one for it, printed out all twenty-seven pages of it...and then went D'OH!  But I was derned if I was going to spend the ink and paper to fix the error, so I went ahead and sent it in.

Understand, it's the stretchiest of stretches to call this thing "fantasy," which is why I was hesitant about doing so.

But, hey.  Quarterfinals.  I squee'd.

F&SF rejected the other story.  Darnit.

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to send W0tF this quarter, the end of which is sneaking up on us very quickly.   I'm scribbling something new, but whether it'll be done in time or not is an open question.  However, I've found that a deadline concentrates my mind wonderfully.   The second thing I ever sent them was banged out in less than a week, which is record time for me.  It didn't do anything, but it's sitting with a senior editor at another publication right now (after a revision). 

Oh, hi, by the way!  *waves*

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