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Writing Group / Re: Unbiased opinions on my novel in progress
« on: July 05, 2007, 03:38:26 AM »
Haha, now that you mention, that first part does sound pretty bad.  Hopefully it's just a bad summarization and the story itself doesn't come off quite as cheesy.

I figured I'd probably have a better chance of snagging some help if I make it easier on everyone, so here's the first two chapters:

They're still first drafts.  So if anyone does give them a once over, please bare with me on the grammatical errors.

Thanks again!

Writing Group / Unbiased opinions on my novel in progress
« on: June 28, 2007, 12:15:28 PM »
Hello all! New here (found my way over from Brandon's site) and I was hoping on some unbiased critique on a novel I've just started.
I'm only a few chapters in, but thought I could use some fresh eyes to take a look at it and offer some opinions.

It's a fantasy novel, leaning towards a YA audience.

The main idea of the story is:

   Rin has lived his entire life in the lower lands. Born to a blacksmith, Rin has had a relatively normal childhood. When he makes a trip to the Flying Empire with his father to lobby for a business license, the capital is attacked by a notorious group of sky pirates. Separated from his father, Rin soon finds himself a member of the aforementioned sky pirate crew. With no way to return home, and building tension between the lower lands and the Flying Empire, Rin quickly takes to the sky pirates way of life. Eventually finding himself as a pivotal figure in the war to come. 

I'd GREATLY appreciate any help on this, so if anyone would be willing to read the first couple chapters (and more as I write them) I'd be eternally grateful :)

That said, anyone willing to look them over give me a shout, and I can post them up or email them out.


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