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Brandon Sanderson / Re: Fan Art: Scribbler
« on: November 19, 2007, 01:31:13 AM »
Yeah, I started off withe them flat but they didn't look very good from that distance, I thought about putting some closer but figured it would be faster sketching out with them standing up.

Brandon Sanderson / Fan Art: Scribbler
« on: November 18, 2007, 08:23:42 PM »

Just thought I would throw up one of the concept sketches I did for Scribbler this morning while on vacation. I have a series of sketches I created, but I am holding off on posting them because I am modeling them in Max.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: More Art for You to Digest
« on: November 16, 2007, 10:13:59 PM »
Well, I have been photoshopping the picture for some time now and I still like the white better.

I removed the breath (it just clashes too much) and put the dress, the dress sleeves & chest, sword & tassle, torso and title all on different layers so that it would be easier experimenting with different color adjustments.

I kept coming back to the white or a slight variant, which is funny because I am usually a color person. A touch of Magenta in her dress really brought out her skin tones but I'm not sure that is the best effect.

The best color changes came with a variation of the sleeves and chest rather than the dress itself.

Overall though, it is looking good.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: More Art for You to Digest
« on: November 14, 2007, 01:03:46 AM »
I like the white dress better, but I just don't really like the way the breath is done.

Others have commented that it looks like a long tongue, but to me it almost looks like a ribbon flying away as her hair comes undone. If you put your thumb over the breath the picture almost looks better.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Warbreaker: Free Ebook
« on: April 26, 2007, 08:46:58 PM »
I have been reading the book but finally decided to comment on something that just kind of seemed weird even though it happens all the time in books, movies, TV, etc.

Bluefingers tells the Lifeless to take the king below to hold him awhile before killing him, ultimately leading him to the one person that can heal him and ruin all of their plans. Why didn't he just order the kings death right there, avoid any mistakes like the king escaping or being healed? Obviously this is a small ticky tack thing, but when these Pahn Kahl have been planning all this time, does it make sense that they would just 'send him below until the right time' instead of ensuring his demise?

The story wouldn't have to change much if any. Bluefingers can order the room full of lifeless to kill the king as he and the princess are leaving the room to go sacrifice her. Meanwhile, Vasher upon landing on the ground and retrieving his sword earlier is forced to rush through the tunnel to get back inside the palace, sees Lightsong and lets him go free, then continues to Denth. Lightsong can stumble upon the room full of lifeless just about to kill the God King, they turn to face the new threat and he gets stabbed or something trying to save Seb. While he is slowly dying he gets the vision from his past, his vision fades and he sees the kings open mouth and performs his sacrifice just in the nick of time. You don't exactly have to see him heal the king, you could come along in the final chapters and have his brother holding him, saying he truly was the greatest man he knew. He gave his life time and again.

Anyway, I hate to propose any changes to a very good story, but I thought it seemed a little strange.

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