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Brandon Sanderson / *Spoilers* Two Quick Ideas: Way of Kings and Elantris!
« on: September 08, 2010, 05:02:27 PM »
Hello first post here just wanted to put some thoughts out there

Odium Briefly visited sel. A giant chasm appeared on sel breaking the dor. pretty disastrous. Odiums home world has whole plains full of chasms. does WoK ever mention how the plains became shattered? Also in Elantris Raoden recalls the reod thusly: "it had come with a tempest-that much even Raoden remembered. The earth itself had shattered, an enormous chasm appearing in the south, all of Arelon quaking." could be a bit of a stretch but could that be a highstorm on sel?

Secondly when Dalinar hears/remembers the voice of the Almighty telling him to "unite them"  he always assumes this means the highprinces. I got the distinct feeling that he should be uniting something more. possibly the parshendi with the alethi, or maybe parshendi and parshmen. I do not think parshendi are voidbringers, there are many humanizing moments for them like when we find out half of them are probably women. also i dont think dalinar would feel guilty for killing voidbringers. but who even knows what voidbringers means...      brandon sandersons 5 signed hardcovers just arrived at my house as im typing this wooooooooo

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