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Brandon Sanderson / Re: Brandon's Book Tour
« on: September 18, 2008, 08:32:18 PM »
Lol. Didn't think I'd see anyone post that link again. I drew some sketches of what I wanted after collaborating with Nessa, my mistcloak was indeed awesome. 8) Thanks mostlt to Nessa, of course. But I myself made a belt to hold vials of metal flakes, and stocked it with a coin pouch and vials brimming with atium and other allomantic metals. ;)

I even bought two glass daggers--one made from skyscraper glass and one from obsidian. (I  <3 Ebay) Both knives have antler handles and were flintknapped (shaped) by hand. They're on my bookshelf in my living room, actually--displayed alongside my antique inkwells, antique poison bottles (yes, really), DVDs, and other collectibles. I figure you never know when you might need a mistblade handy. 8)  Maybe I'll post a pic of my accessories

Jakobus, you might be able to convince Nessa to make another cloak or two--if the price is right. Now that her kids are back in school and all, maybe she'd have time to work her magic again.

Miyabi, I think this thema guy IS Utopia. Reincarnated. Again.

Pardon me while I gnash my teeth. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!

Rants and Stuff / Re: Why was I banned?
« on: September 17, 2008, 05:04:38 PM »
Ding dong, the troll is dead; the troll is dead. Ding dong the stupid troll is dead!  :D

All Hail SE!!

/*shrain does a happy dance.

Writing Group / Re: Type & Gripe, Ink Meeting Coordination
« on: September 15, 2008, 04:10:10 PM »
Poor Kris! I'm glad she's okay. I've been worrying. I realized I don't have her ph #, just her email. Which doesn't help much if she has no access to the 'net. :P

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Brandon's Book Tour
« on: September 13, 2008, 01:58:21 AM »
I'm bummed he's skipping the middle of the country... I doubted he would come to Oklahoma, but not even Kansas or Texas?  :'(
Well, touring is tiring. Plus, it does cost lots of money. Besides which, EUOL has Pem and limebaby at home to miss him when he's out of town. ;)

Rants and Stuff / Re: Seven years later...
« on: September 13, 2008, 01:50:00 AM »
Miyabi, I think part of the problem is that you're reading things in to my post that weren't ever there. First of all, I wasn't saying that 9/11 is somehow *more* important than any other tragedy. I wasn't claiming that 9/11 is the only reason why we're in a war with Iraq. NOWHERE did I say or imply, "I'm feeling kinda bummed out because it's been seven years since the terrorist attacks on 9/11, which of course were waaaay more important and outrageous than the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki." Nope. Not at all. All I was trying to convey was that this event is closer to some of us simply because it happened *here* within *my* lifetime.

That is not to diminish the importance--or impact--of  the bomb-dropping on Japan in WWII. Personally, I believe that the decision to bomb those cities was fundamentally wrong. It was evil. Just as the attack on Pearl Harbor was; just as the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were. BUT, again, yesterday wasn't the anniversary of those attacks now, was it?

What's more, I really don't think there is no easy answer to *why* those men planned and executed the 9/11 attacks. But here's the difficulty I have with caring WHY they did it. The WHY, whatever it may be, really cannot justify the WHAT, in my opinion.

...on a globular scale.  I am referring to the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Um, "globular scale"? You mean "global," right?

Rants and Stuff / Re: Seven years later...
« on: September 12, 2008, 05:06:24 PM »
The question is, then, what exactly you mean by "moving on" or "not living it," Miyabi. It's not like we've all stopped working and living since 9/11/01. I see nothing at all wrong with everyone sparing at least ONE day out of 365 to focus on remembering and honoring the victims and those whom they left behind. On the contrary, it would be very, very wrong not to do so.

We *have* moved on. But we will never forget and I pray that we don't get so apathetic as to *not* hold a remembrance ceremony on that day. Sure, I admit that I expected the memorial to be completed a few years ago. Yet with an event so unprecedented and horrid, it was bound to prove a difficult memorial to plan. Heck, I remember when there was talk of rebuilding the towers themselves.

Consider this: the world at large has "moved on" from WWII and the Holocaust. But most of us have not forgotten and I rue the day when that is not the case. Perhaps even more saddening are all those tragedies in other countries (Darfur, etc.) which are *not* quite as widely known and therefore never enter our consciousnesses at all.

Lastly, technically speaking, there is no way for us to "live" in these historical moments. Yet imo, re-living them (i.e., remembering them) and thus renewing our dedication to the future, is a necessary step in affirming ourselves ethical beings. So, really, I think maybe you might want to consider what would happen or what it would mean if no one ever said anything ever again about 9/11 and those who died or lost loved ones. I don't want to live in that kind of America.

Rants and Stuff / Re: These Stupid Titles VI
« on: September 11, 2008, 11:03:36 PM »
I quite like being a Brilliant Con Man. Heck, I'm so brilliant at what I do, I can con people into thinking I'm a guy!

Rants and Stuff / Seven years later...
« on: September 11, 2008, 10:48:51 PM »
Seven years later, even writing down the date "9/11" triggers a ripple of sadness in me. :(

This past July, I was in NY for an interview. I stayed at a hotel right across from Ground Zero. Yep, the construction was loud. But it kind of made me glad to hear evidence of rebuilding. I peered down at the site from the fourteenth floor of my room. Hard to capture how I felt. I have no idea how I would have reacted to the horrific events that day if I had been there.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I have not forgotten nor ever will.

if Utopia wants to PM me his personal mailing info Ill send him a copy of the mistborn series seeing how I have two of each. Im keeping Elantris though because I only have one.
Egads. Noooonooonooo! Feedest thou NOT the troll that prowleth these boards. I beseech thee most adamantly, dear GreenMonsta. For then wilt we be never rid of his purile polls and brazen begging or his exuberantly misplaced sense of entitlement. Please, I beg thee by all that is holy (including the Green Monster at Fenway) to reconsider thy plan!

And, forsoothe, if thou hast an affliction known as "Multiple Personalties," make all haste to check thyself in at the nearest ER.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Does anyone still have Dragonsteel chapter 1
« on: September 10, 2008, 10:25:24 PM »
I believe he's getting more than 100 legitimate e-mails every day now, and some days he skims for names that pop out and leaves the rest to deal with later in a big batch.
Good grief!!  :o No wonder he never replied to my email a while ago. Hmm. Maybe I need to be more creative with my email titles or something...

Rants and Stuff / Re: Revenge of Grumpy Bear
« on: September 10, 2008, 10:21:33 PM »
Work is stressing me out. I have this annoying twitch at the corner of my eye today. grrrr.

Whereas with the anonymity of the internet you can get away with not giving a real name and no way to force the return of the book.
Precisely. What's more, I'm rather certain that UGH--I mean UG--won't foot the bill for the shipping and handling. Does this guy have no shame?

/*shrain looks around, wishing fervently that the Master of Newbie Smack Down would make an appearance.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Official Fan Art Thread **Don't create new threads**
« on: September 04, 2008, 05:55:23 PM »
Yep, the sun in the Mistborn books is indeed red, a product of the ash.

« on: September 04, 2008, 05:54:22 PM »
K guyz, that's enough bashing on the troller. XD
Awww, come on. I didn't get a chance to do any bashing yet! And I sorely want to. This sort of freeloading request is just so... disrespectful.

EUOL writes for a living as well as for the joy of it. Besides which, he's more generous than other successful authors I enjoy reading. For instance, he gave away a copyredited MS at a signing. How cool is that? And as NBGA points out, EUOL has released two books electronically and there's a discount for MB3 if you buy a PB for MB1.

Makes me embarrassed (and annoyed) to see someone posting a thread like this. :P gah.

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