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Brandon Sanderson / Re: Larasium?
« on: June 03, 2010, 11:54:28 PM »
Also, I have a question. Since there is a balance, and there is never more Ruin than Preservation in total, does it mean that if atium comes back to earth after it's used, would Larasium do so as well? It takes hundred years for atium, and if larasium would, I think we have a storyline for the next possible book in Mistborn world, where there are only Mistings, and suddenly, the possibility of becoming a Mistborn reappears. How much chaos would that make and how people would react to it, it's a perfect background for a story of Mr. Sanderson.

This would explain why Vin was so confused when she thought about that nugget of Larasium just laying there.  It could be that, like Atium, it slowly returns to the world.  After all, it doesn't really make sense that the Lord Ruler would just leave one Larasium nugget laying there "just in case".  He did have incredible foresight, but this just seems silly.

Another explanation for the nugget laying by the Well is just that Preservation, after stabbing Elend and realizing that Vin would release Ruin anyway, took part of it's "body" and placed it there to save Elend.

I'd rather the first be true, just because it sounds more exciting that more "pure" Mistborns, with exceptional strength like Elend's, could be born.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: "Death" of Ruin and Preservation
« on: June 03, 2010, 11:43:08 PM »
Thank you for the comment!  I eagerly await the first installment in his new series :D

Speculation would be fun from others on the outside of the loop!

Brandon Sanderson / "Death" of Ruin and Preservation
« on: June 03, 2010, 11:17:40 PM »
Okay, so I finished Hero of Ages today, and it was just as amazing as I hoped it would be.  Every question I wanted to be answered, was answered.  The only thing I really am not sure about, is at the very end, when Sazed sees Vin body land beside Elend, and then the other body which Sazed only described as "a man with red hair".  This description just seems too specific for me, and I've searched these forums hoping to find an answer, but have not found one yet, so I started my own thread.

So, is there an official answer to my question?  Or is there a widely believed speculation?  I just feel that because Preservation had a "champion" of sorts in Vin, that perhaps Ruin also obtained a champion..  I vaguely remember in an earlier book a red-headed person being mentioned.. but it is such a vague memory, that I wouldn't even be able to tell which book it is from.

Any help would be appreciated :D

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