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Brandon Sanderson / Re: I'm very keen to see the Mistborn video game.
« on: July 14, 2011, 08:00:13 AM »
Sandbox, absolutely. I want to explore a city like Luthadel from one end to the other.

But an MMO isn't a sandbox, it's a desert (in more ways than one). Frankly, unless you have "Warcraft" in your name, or a well-established IP in hand (like Star Wars or LOTR, something several times more popular and well-established than our beloved trilogy) an MMO is just not a good idea.

This.  There is just no way to produce the hype that a Mistborn MMO would need to even get 1 server with decent population.  Unfortunately, its big name or bust in the MMO industry currently.  Plus, I think this game would be much better suited to an Assassin's Creed type world.

I'm actually working my way through the books again in anticipation for the release of the final book next year (though, through audio book this time). I'm on fires of heaven right now near the end, and Rand just got word about Elayne's mother's "death" and the crowning of "Lord Gaebril". Looking it up really quick (on, the earliest I can find elayne learning about her mother's "death" is in The path of daggers, chapter 20, which is actually right at the end of the whole "bowl of winds" debacle.

Also, for the record, i would just like to say that I personally am not a fan of her, because she was nobly born and raised, and acts as such (she's stubborn, spoiled, and early on fairly clueless about the world)

Elayne definitely heard that her mother was "dead" well before Path of Daggers, she knew before she left Salidar.  She knew almost on arrival to Salidar.  She wasn't 100% sure that her mother really died, I feel like she said something like "Until I see a body, I won't believe it.", but everyone else was convinced around her. 

Yeah, not sure why you bother to come to a forum dedicated to nitpicking if you don't like it.  And not reading the threads you don't like is swell too :)

I just got a "Rand wants me to go right now, so he can put me on the throne, but I don't want to be put there by someone else so I'm going to take my time getting there" vibe.

And you don't have to read threads you don't like.  I don't read any of the threads that are like "When is Brandon done ughhhh", because he'll be done when he's done. 

She knew before she left Salidar that her mother was dead (or isn't currently ruling Caemlyn since Rand asked her to come rule Andor for him).

Yeah, I dislike Elayne because everyone preaches her abilities as a leader, but she basically abandons her country in its time of need.  I realize that finding the Bowl of Winds is important, maybe more important than keeping a strong nation whole, but other people were available to locate it.  Nynavene could have easily done it with the help of Mat, and the other Aes Sedai.

She has always bothered me, and I take Mat's stance on it, nobles are bad news and royalty is the worst of them.

I think the only reason they couldn't be killed off is because of how important Perrin will be for the Last Battle.  At least thats what it sounds like from all the Prophecies/Foretellings.  Min's predictions kind of prevent Elayne and Perrin from dying too :/

THANK YOU!  I reread the 6th one last week, and said to my friend who also read the series "Wasn't book 6 ALL about Rand being captured?"  I swear when I originally read it, he was in a box for like 400 pages, but its really only like 60.

Perrin running from wolves/being a lord irks me too, its very irritating.  Also, its not so much that I don't like Faile, its that I hate how he always "smells how jealous she is".  Its such a bitchy move, it bothers me everytime they bother to talk about it.  Perrin will be sitting in on a meeting with Rand and the Wise Ones, and all Perrin can think about is how his wife smells jealous.  Jesus man, get your act together.

Yeah, I also thought it was a little much that, unless they were killed with Balefire, every Forsaken could return to life, as a different person.  And I was pretty confident Lanfear was done for, but apparently not.  I felt she had a very fitting end, but now she's back getting tortured by Moridin.  It just gets old.

I look forward to Matt scenes.  I think the reason I hate Perrin's in the 8th/9th is because he struggles with the "axe or hammer" mentality for way too long.  I just got so tired of hearing his thoughts about it, just pick one ffs. :/

I'm reading the series right now too, and I totally know what you mean.  Although, I only think its book 8 and 9 that are awful.  Winter's Heart is just BRUTAL.  Yeah sure its "cute" how much Perrin plans to rescue Faile, but really?  He couldn't have just done it?  It takes an entire book for him to get through it, and it seems completely unnecessary in the grander scheme of things.  We clearly already know Perrin loves Faile.  Ugh.

I'm currently on the 7th, and dragging it out because I really enjoy this one, and I know that Path of Daggers and Winter's Heart are horrendously boring.  I've reread the series a couple times now, and I couldn't tell you what even happens in the 8th one that's important.  I thought 5 and 6 were still quite good, he gets most of the Aiel behind him in 5, and develops the Aviendha love story.  In the 6th one, he develops his hate for Aes Sedai because of being caught and put into a box by them.  And he also develops a better understanding of Lews Therin in the 6th one.  Both of those (and the 7th one where he cleanses Saidin) are all vital.

The Koloss looks sweet, and the Allomancy jumping is done pretty well.  Keep up the progress, its really cool to see how people are expressing the Mistborn trilogy!

Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of using Shadesmar as a shortcut through the real world.  This would be similar to the Wheel of Time, where one can enter the Dream World "in the flesh" and then quickly transport themselves to a new place, and then leave the Dream.  I think the Shadesmar Speedway is quite likely, and I have a feeling it will be a huge tactical change if the Alethi can figure out how to do it (by way of Shallan or Jasnah).

A Mothership of Radiants sent into areas of conflict, I like this idea.  Are you also saying that you think the Shattered Plains is where the city landed?  The only problem I have with that is that there have been 0 mentions (that I recall) of ruins.  Its possible the Parshendi just keep Dalinar's forces away from it, but I feel like a giant city crashing would have left ruins much more scattered.

Its a really cool idea, and one of my favorites for what created the Shattered Plains.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Shards of WoK ***Spoilers****
« on: May 22, 2011, 06:31:16 PM »
I'm almost positive its the Almighty (who isn't alive?).  I'm not sure if it is explicitly stated in the book, for it is from an interview or something.  Someone else might be able to answer the question of where the fact came from.

Well, my pet theory at the moment is that the Heralds made a contract with Odium in order to protect the people of Roshar from his power. Maybe they gained power out of it, maybe they imposed limits and rules on his attacks (the Desolations) in exchange for possession of their souls, maybe it was something we can't even guess yet. And of course until we know more about Odium and what he wants we just can't even really come close to knowing. :)

Yeah, I like this.  Its a much more refined idea than mine.  The Heralds make a deal with Odium, but it is more to protect Roshar by sacrificing themselves.  At some point, most of the Heralds get tired of it, but one remains as the vigilant protector of Roshar, suffering by himself.  Very interesting idea.

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