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Reading Excuses / July 26 - Hubay - Fathers of Gods, Prologue
« on: July 26, 2010, 04:42:14 PM »
Well hey there, this is Hubay / Dylan, trying this out for the first time. Sorry its a little lengthy, but I figured (well, silk did, really) that it would be be best to keep it all together. Thanks for reading!

Fathers of Gods, Prologue

6100 words, SL (V and D in later chapters)

Overall summary

Every year less than a hundred Polaesi are born, and when they turn eighteen they can bend reality to their will and are worshiped as gods but when they turn nineteen they die. Now one Polaesi has broken the cycle and can live past his appointed time. While attempting to survive a budding war with a rival religion, he must also fight against jealousy and ambition within his own sect.

Chapter summary

The proglogue deals with the birth of my protagonist, Cumo. Told from the perspective of Cumo's father, it shows his flight out of a city that wants to kill his son as soon as he's born.

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