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Brandon Sanderson / Re: If Mistborn was a movie. . . .
« on: December 11, 2008, 06:55:11 AM »
I couldn't see Johnny Depp as Kelsier. I could see him playing a skinnier Breeze though.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Best Mistborn Fight Scene *SPOILERS*
« on: December 11, 2008, 06:54:05 AM »
I don't know, the fury of metals, flying in apparent random directions, but all being controlled subtly by Kelsier is one of the best fight scenes in the books. Plus, it's a crowd! Plenty of witnesses, and you can bet that the fight is not going to be forgotten anytime soon.


Brandon Sanderson / Re: Connection
« on: December 11, 2008, 06:18:43 AM »
I have a theory, though an unlikely one at that. I think that Brandon Sanderson finds characters with self-esteem issues interesting, and it helps us root for the character more.

Is there a higher connection? Maybe, but I think it's kind of like what Dumbledore said:
Those who have power thrust upon them do much better than someone who looks for power.


Brandon Sanderson / Re: I finally converted someone!
« on: December 11, 2008, 06:11:03 AM »
I am also trying to get my friends to convert to Brandon Sanderson, so I can wonder about Hoid and the external tempral time metal,  and Shards with someone.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: I finally converted someone!
« on: December 11, 2008, 05:30:35 AM »
I know! I love "The List" in Scivenger's bones! I quote it all the time to my friends!

Brandon Sanderson / **SPOILERS! The Shards of Adonalsium
« on: December 11, 2008, 03:30:43 AM »
Ok, I think that there is a lot of speculation on the Shards of Andonalsium, but there is something going on.
Here is what Brandon Sanderson has stated in the Hero of Ages topic
Ruin and Preservation were not the only Shards of Adonalsium, though they are the only ones on Scadrial at the moment.
(Scadrial is the planet Mistborn is on)

A manifestation of Ruin's gathered consciousness, much like the dark mists in book two.  The lake was still around in Vin's era, but had been moved under ground.

You've also seen one other manifestation like this....
Such as...this?
The "lake" was barely ten feet deep—more like a pool. Its water was a crystalline blue, and Raoden could see no inlets or outlets.
If that's what you're hinting at...I never thought of the connection before! I just kept thinking of Aether of Night, and never thought of this pool at all.

Both are accurate, but the first is what I meant, as most people here don't have access to Aether.

The powers of Ruin and Preservation are Shards of Adonalsium, pieces of the power of creation itself.  Allomancy, Hemalurgy, Feruchemy are manifestations of this power in mortal form, the ability to touch the powers of creation and use them.  These metallic powers are how people's physical forms interpret the use of the Shard, though it's not the only possible way they could be interpreted or used.  It's what the genetics and Realmatic interactions of Scadrial allow for, and has to do with the Spiritual, the Cognitive, and the Physical Realms.

Condensed 'essence' of these godly powers can act as super-fuel for Allomancy, Feruchemy, or really any of the powers.  The form of that super fuel is important.  In liquid form it's most potent, in gas form it's able to fuel Allomancy as if working as a metal.  In physical form it is rigid and does one specific thing.  In the case of atium, it allows sight into the future.  In the case of concentrated Preservation (Lerasium), it gives one a permanent connection to the mists and the powers of creation.  (I.e., it makes them an Allomancer.)

So when a person is burning metals, they aren't using Preservation's body as a fuel so to speak--though they are tapping into the powers of creation just slightly.  When Vin burns the mists, however, she'd doing just that--using the essence of Preservation, the Shard of Adonalsium itself--to fuel Allomancy.  Doing this, however, rips 'troughs' through her body.  It's like forcing far too much pressure through a very small, fragile hose.  That much power eventually vaporizes the corporeal host, which is acting as the block and forcing the power into a single type of conduit (Allomancy) and frees it to be more expansive.
(Lerasium added by me)

Readers have met four shards other than Ruin and Preservation.

You've interacted with two directly.
One is a tough call.  You've never met the Shard itself, but you've seen its power. 
The other one you have not met directly, but have seen its influence.

Something I noticed is that Ati pulls with his magic (energy lost)
And that Leras/preservasion pushes with his magic (energy gained)
Maybe we could use that to help find the other Shards?

I think it's safe to assume that the Dor is a Shard, and we met it when Raoden fell in the pool.

I don't know about the others. Possible canditates are:

Lifeless? ( I don't know who would power them. Maybe they gave people Breaths?)
Iridescent Colors (powering the returned)

Jaddeth (powering the monks of Dahkhor)

Maybe whatever powers the Smedrey Talents? (Alcatraz)


Maybe we will be able to figure out who Hoid is as well...


First, one of Brandon's earlier posts implies that anyone can burn atium, much like anyone can burn Lerasium. It was something along the lines of "all Obligators who weren't Mistings or Mistborn were given atium and stressed until their bodies burned it." It may, of course, have been a typo, but that would certainly be a twist.

Second, as for the other four Shards: Why has no one mentioned the Iridescent Tones (or whatever their name was), the things that send the Returned back? Lightsong's eventual remembrance of his time on the other side implies that there is an actual sentient power there. Let me get the quote.
   The God King in prison.  Lightsong had seen that too.  But above it all, he remembered standing on the other side of a brilliant, colorful wave of light, looking down at the world from the other side.  And seeing everything he loved dissolve into the destruction of war.  A war greater than any the world had known, a war more deadly--even--than the Manywar.
   He remembered the other side.  And he remembered a voice, calm and comforting, offering him an opportunity.
   To Return.
I would be surprised if it turns out it isn't a Shard, actually.
Archanon, that same idea of atium crossed my mind, but my understanding of Atium is that The Lord Ruler replaced silver from the allomantic table with atium when he had the power of Preservation.  In other words, atium was changed from a everyone metal to a only-Seer's/mistborn metal.

Otherwise all of the aristocrats would've burned atium when the Steel Inquisitors "spiked" (tee hee) their drinks.

Since Sazed now holds Preservation's power, I would expect that he could change it back, thus making silver a useful metal, and atium a metal all could burn. (especially since he probably won't give his body away)

Also, about the day length, Sazed mentioned a people called the Nelazan...

"I think I have the perfect religion for you," Sazed said, his normally stoic face revealing a glimmer of eagerness. "It is called 'Trelagism,' after the god Trell. Trell was worshiped by a group known as the Nelazan, a people who lived far to the north. In their land, the day and night cycle was very odd. During some months of the year, it was dark for most of the day. During the summer however, it only grew dark for a few hours at a time."
Final Empire, hardback, pg 156

This shows that days in Luthadal are somewhat normal, because Saxed finds it strange to have long days and short nights. This means that Luthadal is pretty far away from the north pole.


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