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Brandon Sanderson / Alcatraz 4 Shock!
« on: May 07, 2010, 02:28:49 AM »
I feel kinda bad about posting this since I haven't been on in months, due to lack of father being home and computer as slow as ever, but I needed answer of somesort to this question.

On Amazon I found this and it made my stomach flop. Is this really true?

"Editorial Reviews
Product Description
The fourth and final book in the fabulously funny Alcatraz Smedry series!

Alcatraz Smedry is on a mission to save the day! In his final adventure in the series by bestselling adult fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson, Alcatraz has a lot to prove and, as always, little time in which to do it!"

If this has already been posted and answered, I apologize.

This is were we will decide the leader of the cake voters. Again, no pie leaders/voters vote on here please. If you have any questions, concerns or problems please ask me!! Thanks, and have fun voting!!!!!!!

Everything Else / What's going on in your life?
« on: March 04, 2009, 01:50:50 AM »
This is just a place were you can share what's going on in life  or if  life's so bland you can share want you want to do.


 Okay, I've noticed and I'm sure others have as well that WoT has taken over the forum and we've been sort of ignoring the rest of the other books. I want to try something new and talk about the new Alcatraz book that is coming out in October of 2009. Talk about what you hope to come in the next book, what's your favorite character or part in the last 2 books. If you haven't read these books take a look and maybe try them out. Let's see how this goes.  ;)

My Questions and Stuff:

I'm wondering what Nalhalla is going to look like and how the world (Free Kingdoms) will think of Attica's return. Also now that Shasta has the Lenses of Rashid I think she is going to loose them because in the 1st book she lost her keys and that turned the story into what it is. I'm wondering why the book is called Knight's of Crystallia ? Something has to happen with Crystallia and maybe we'll find out things that we didn't know before.


Brandon Sanderson / Connection
« on: December 11, 2008, 01:57:21 AM »
I saw this connection between the Mistborn book and Alcatraz 1 and 2. Here it is.

Sometimes, I worry that I'm not the hero everyone thinks I am. . . .

The philosophers assure me that this is the time, that the signs have been met. But I still wonder if they have the wrong man. So many people depend on me. They say I will hold the future of the entire world on my arms.

What would they think if they knew that their champion--the Hero of Ages, their savior--doubted himself? Perhaps they wouldn't be shocked at all. In a way, this is what worries me most. Maybe, in their hearts, they wonder--just as I do.

When they see me, do they see a liar?

Alcatraz 1:
I am not a good person.

Oh, I know what the stories say about me. They call me Oculator Dramatus, Hero, Savior of the Twelve Kingdoms. . . . Those, however, are just rumors. Some are exaggerations; many are outright lies. The truth is far less impressive.

Alcatraz 2:
I am a liar.

I realize that you may not believe this. In fact, hope that you don't. Not only would that make the statement particularly ironic, but it means you have very far to fall.

The part of them both being hero's that everyone counts apon but is afraid they'll fail them and both calling themselves liers. I wonder if that's a connection.


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