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Dan Wells / Worldcon 2009
« on: June 23, 2009, 09:21:59 PM »
Hi Dan
I have a couple of questions about Worldcon this year.  I see on your website that you are attending, which makes me happy.

Are you going to be doing a signing?  And will you have copies of your book available?  I should probably just play it safe and order one from the UK for myself, but I'd love to recommend the book to my friends at the con and I'm wondering if we can buy it there.

Are you going to record an episode of Writing Excuses from the con?

I look forward to meeting you this summer!

And to the other Dan fans out there, is anyone else going to be attending the con?

Hi Brandon
I'm terribly disappointed I didn't know about Mistborn before Worldcon, or I would have gotten to meet you.  Mistborn is fantastic, I burst into tears in the lunch room at work then I finished HOA today. (I had someone get it from another town for me since there are STILL no copies in my city).

Here is my question:
Sazed mentions that Preservation got Vin to mostly stop wearing her earing before she met Kelsier, but she then kept it in because he suggested it.  Was this influenced by Ruin, or did Kell really just think it was a good idea?

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