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Brandon Sanderson / Re: A Memory of Light
« on: January 09, 2009, 09:32:08 PM »
Also, Ishamael has done a great deal to further the Dark One's cause and disrupt his foes over the past 3000 years.  He was affected by the seals considerably less than the rest of the Forsaken and was able to actually go out into the world periodically, and he managed to accomplish quite a bit each time, always in ways that clearly benefited the Dark One.  He has an established track record of concentrating on the Dark One's agenda rather than his own selfish greed, and being very effective at it too.

Among other things, I seem to recall Ishamael boasting about being a top adviser of Artur Hawkwing and turning him against the White Tower and all Aes Sedai.

So you're shipping allomantic metals, then?
???  What does that have to do with it?  I'm not trying to get two metals in a relationship with each other, I'm trying to figure out what certain metals do.

I think people here need to stop thinking of larasium as a real thing.  Unlike atium, it was clearly created only once for a single purpose, is now gone, and its creator has no reason (and Brandon has said there would be no mistborn in later times) to do it again.
Why?  It may never appear again, but it is most definitely a real thing and Brandon has explicitly stated that it has alloys and that those alloys have specific effects.  Those effects may never be seen in canon stories, but for some people, myself included, discussing the possible full details of the magic system including those metals is interesting for its own sake even if many of those details never come into play in any book Brandon ever writes.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Who was the Announcer? (Spoilers)
« on: January 08, 2009, 04:46:11 PM »
Ruin always leaves similar messages and does not make drastic changes to the text that has been writtin.  Otherwise the changes are to noticeable.
Not quite always.  He made an exception for when Preservation was trying to write in the ash for Elend.

I just thought of possible hemalurgic effects of Larasium and the Atium/Larasium alloy.  A Larasium spike could steal all the powers of a full mistborn, while the alloy could steal all the powers of a feruchemist, all with a single spike.  Make a new Lord Ruler from a normal human with just two spikes, one Larasium and one Atium/Larasium.  Simple, logical, and fits well within the established framework.  Of course I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Brandon has come up with something spectacularly different for that and I still have no clue what a feruchemist could do with them, but that's my best guess so far.  If Brandon ever comes back to this thread it we be nice to get a comment or two about this.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Splitting A Memory of Light...
« on: January 08, 2009, 03:35:39 AM »
aDwD = A Dance With Dragons
GRRM = George R R Martin
aSoIaF = A Song of Ice and Fire

A Song of Ice and Fire is an epic fantasy series by George R R Martin, which started with the book A Game of Thrones.  A Dance With Dragons is the title of the next book currently being worked on, and it's been in progress for quite some time now with GRRM saying very little about when it might be ready to publish.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: A Memory of Light
« on: January 05, 2009, 11:12:35 PM »
Remember Kelsier?

I fail to see how that is relevant.  This isn't Brandon's book, the list of who lives and who dies was written by Robert Jordan.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: WOT Help
« on: December 31, 2008, 05:45:58 PM »
I'm dying to know how Rand handles the fact that everyone is learning of his true identity after people saw him fighting Ba'alzamon in the sky. Thanks again guys!! I'll keep you updated!
Yeah, kinda hard to keep it secret after something like that.  And then you have certain prophecies from the Karaethon Cycle, too.  I checked, this one's in TGH so it's not a spoiler now.

Twice and twice shall he be marked,
twice to live and twice to die.
Once the heron to set his path,
twice the heron to name him true.
Once the dragon for remembrance lost,
twice the dragon for the price he must pay.

He's got the second heron now, and sure enough word of the true Dragon Reborn is starting to spread and Rand is finding it much harder to deny the truth.  Makes you wonder how he's going to get marked with a pair of dragons too.  I won't say anything about when and how that happens, but it is an extremely powerful scene, one of my favorites.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Who was the Announcer? (Spoilers)
« on: December 23, 2008, 01:26:22 PM »
The Kandra may have had the prophecy as it was at the time of Rashek's ascension, but Ruin had already corrupted it by then.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: The Comprehensive Hemalurgy Thread
« on: December 20, 2008, 08:11:43 PM »
No, it's Pewter that steals Feruchemical Physical abilities.  Considering that Brandon strives for consistency and logic in his magic systems, I think gold's health should actually be a Feruchemical Temporal ability (affects time required to heal and gold is a Temporal metal for Allomancy), but the chart doesn't list a known ability to steal Feruchemical Temporal powers and I'd think it would be there since Feruchemical Health is (I think) a standard Inquisitor ability.

That reminds me:
Are we ever going to get the full table of Feruchemical and Hemalurgic properties of all 16 metals?

In particular, is Atium really the only way to steal Allomantic Temporal Powers?  What category is Atium considered for the purpose of Hemalurgically stealing the ability to burn it?  I believe Atium-burning is a standard ability for Inquisitors under the Lord Ruler's reign, so if it's classified as Temporal like the in-universe chart at the time of Mistborn has it* shouldn't all Inquisitors have an Atium spike?  If so, why wouldn't Vin and Elend have taken that spike from the bodies of each Inquisitor they killed?

* or if Atium really just steals the ability to burn Atium, an inconsequential difference for Mistborn because I don't see the Lord Ruler caring about his Inquisitors being able to burn any of the real Temporal metals

How, exactly, are the Feruchemical abilities categorized and organized?  The abilities for the Allomantic Physical metals are obviously physical, and Zinc, Copper, and Bronze are clearly mental.  Brass's warmth seems a bit odd for the mental classification, though.  Gold's health I could see classifying as temporal by explaining it as speeding up the body's healing processes, but it would really fit better as a physical power.  Plus, if Inquisitors have gold Feruchemy and it's considered a Feruchemical temporal power, they'd need another kind of metal spike.  Also, I'd be interested to know what possible Feruchemical abilities might be classified as Enhancement.

What is the logic behind which Hemalurgic metals steal which abilities?  The four that steal normal human abilities make sense - the four base physical and mental metals, each stealing the physical or mental trait most appropriate for that metal given its Allomantic property (though Iron seems more of a case of being the last place available for its assigned ability).  Which of the alloys steals Allomantic abilities and which steals Feruchemical abilities of the same category is inconsistent, though.  For physical abilities, the external metal steals Allomancy and the internal steals Feruchemy.  For mental, it's the opposite.  And then you get into the enhancement metals where the base internal metal steals Allomancy...  The only known Hemalurgic temporal property is really one of the god metals, so we don't have much to work on there.

Oh, I doubt it will ever come up in a book, but what Feruchemical property does Larasium store?  Also, is there an Atium/Larasium alloy and what does it do for each of Allomancy, Feruchemy, and Hemalurgy?  I'd guess it makes an Atium Misting for Allomancy, but I have no clue about the other two.

Information about the properties of all god-metal alloys would be very interesting and neat to have, too, though I suppose Brandon might want to keep those in reserve for possible "divine intervention" by Sazed in future books.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: WOT Help
« on: December 20, 2008, 06:41:50 PM »
   Respectfully, BanD, I did not say there was no religion in WOT, I said that certain characters seemed to have no explanation for their innate morality.   Curious that so many fantasy novels are set in medieval-like settings, yet lack a key part of that culture: churches.  Hmmm... makes me think of a certain John Lennon song which I despise.
Any thoughts about my proposed reason in the last post on page 6?

I think that morality is really tied more to culture than religion, it's just that religion tends to be a major part of culture.  In the case of the WoT, the (single) religion is really little more than the acknowledged facts that the Creator and Dark One exist, are good and evil respectively, and that the Dark One is constantly trying to break free from his prison and destroy/remake the world.  There is no real religious doctrine that I've noticed aside from "oppose the Dark One" (also "don't name the Dark One", which makes you wonder how his name seems to be universally known) and the basic tenets of the religion are universally accepted as fact, so there is no need for churches or priests.

   JoeC, if you are not going to miss Rand's pov (point of view) and you actually enjoy RJ's endless descriptions , you will do just fine finishing TWoT, methinks.  You may even enjoy the two books I could not abide.  Don't forget to use (carefully) if you come across a character that you need a reminder about.  It lists everything that every character ever said and did, but don't read too far down to avoid spoilers.  You may need this for books 8-11.
Or just ask here if the delay is acceptable.  I'm sure there are plenty of people here (myself included) who would be happy to provide spoiler-free reminders about characters.

   Hooray, Brandon, for coming to the close of the first draft of book 12!  What discipline!  I can't wait.
Actually, that progress bar is based on a 400k word estimate for the book which is now known to be too low by 200-300k.  He kept it at 100%=400k words mainly because that seemed an achievable end-of-year goal, I think, though also to prevent getting bombarded by questions about why the progress indicator went down by 1/3 or so.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: WOT Help
« on: December 18, 2008, 03:59:28 PM »
Jeez, I saw this thread was going a little crazy so I figured I'd give an update just to get things back on track. I'm on page 387 of TGH and this book is definitely 5 times better than EotW.
Hardcover, paperback, mass market paperback, or some other edition?  I believe page counts vary considerably among those, and there might even be minor differences between different printings of the same type.  Plus, I'd have to actually check the book to see where in the plot a given page number is.  It would be better to give a chapter name or describe a recent scene briefly to identify where you are in a book.

I do kinda have a complaint, the scenes with Rand are getting a little tedious. When I'm reading a chapter that focuses on him, everything seems to slow to a crawl. All the other points of view seem so much more interesting. Hopefully, it will pass soon. It's no good to find the main character boring, especially in a series this long. I'm still intent on reading it. Perhaps these "boring" parts contain something that will become relevant later and I'll have an "Ah-ha!!" moment and realize I was complaining about nothing.
Is he out of the alternate world yet, and if so how recently?  He really doesn't have very much to do in that tiny group cut off from everything.

BTW Selene weirds me out BIG time. I don't care if she's smokin' hot, she's loopy. I have my suspicions.........
Thanks again guys.
Anything specific or just a general feeling that she's odd and out of place?

Brandon Sanderson / Re: WOT Help
« on: December 13, 2008, 06:00:00 AM »
He just forgot to give his main characters a basis for their collective morality.
How about cultural inertia?  The Two Rivers was founded by some strongly moral people.  They raised their kids to have similar morals, their kids raised their grandkids to have similar morals, their grandkids raised...

I'm hardly an expert on the subject, but it seems quite reasonable to me for the morals of a small isolated group to remain stable through quite a number of generations.  I imagine any set of ethics that is overwhelmingly dominant can easily set up a reinforcing feedback loop to sustain that ethical standard, so all you really need is a group of like-minded highly moral individuals to found the place and enough isolation to keep outside influences very weak.  For a community as small as the Two Rivers is, such a founding group wouldn't be all that hard to come by.

Also, I find it far too coincidental for that spiking to truly have been by accident.  Ruin had already managed to spike the boss of those Thugs, and could have convinced him to deliberately make his bodyguards' swords out of steel with exact allomantic proportions.

It could also just be that no known mix of steel is significantly superior to allomantic steel for swords and such, so that particular proportion became standard by default, though smiths may not be quite so careful about getting it exact when they're not making it for allomancers.

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