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Hey Brandon, it was a pleasure to meet you in Denver (I was the one asking entirely too many questions).

First of all, phenomenal work. I will write a review up later in a public forum - but this was easily the strongest of your books so far. The bitersweet ending (even with hints that it wasn't quite so bittersweet) was great, and the story came to a interesting and solid conclusion.

I  suspect that when - if as I suspect the sales of Mistborn 4 are solid  - your next series is greenlit, it may be a while before you come back to these characters. That's great, they are already in a comfortably cubby-hole in my mind. Their purpose finished, the story told.

I am curious if any changes were made to the story after you got AMoL or after the Name of the Wind was published? The style hasn't changed, but the story seemed to flow much better this time around.

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