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Brandon Sanderson / Re: I want info about Goodkind/Brandon's comments
« on: January 02, 2008, 10:49:24 PM »

LOL i'm now about 1/3 of the way through the book, so brain dead and wanting to know what happens I skipped ahead to find out the final fate of Kahlan LOL.

Some of Goodkinds examples and such are so ludicris that its hard to digest... um "ban fire" WTF was he smoking?  It doesnt even make a good compelling argument you know.  Richards bro standing up there... "All fire will be banned because a house burned, and its the debil" um yeah ok, darn near lost me on that note.

Anyway you cannot compare Goodkind with Authors of the magnitude of Jordan and presumably Brandon (havent read ya yet sorry but I will I promise, even my son knowing you will write book 12 of WOT wants to see what you have :-) )...

As noted above, Goodkind is good at describing war and rape, but he fails to write with the intimate intricate nuances of a master writer.  Jordan can write war, and intimacies, and rape if he likes, and he did... BUTTTTTT it was written in a way so smooth that anyone could read it and get vivid images that let you decide how far to go.  Dumai's well for instance.  If Goodkind had written that, it would have been a detailed vision of the visceral nature of the injuries including in depth discussion of a piece of bone stuck to the tree off yonder.  I find myself joyful that Confessor is the last book in the SOT series and that I will never have cause to pick up another Goodkind book.  If I had not fallen in love with Kahlan and Richard, i'd not have made it this far.

Cant compare things to Brandon, sorry havent read him yet, but we all love fantasy so here are some of my favorites.

Elizabeth Hayden: Rhapsody is the first great series with music based magic.  And our hero is a Heroine YAY!!!.  Some time travel and lots of different unique "species"

Jaqueline Carey: Kushiel's Dart is book 1. You can really see her writing mature as you go on, again female Heroine.  However there is a lot of sexual content and this is not for the young readers.

Ed Greenwood: Band of hero novels... This is the basis of D&D and much of what we have in fantasy today.  It wreaks of the RPG games of past and present.  Good fast fun reads.  I love his humor.

Larry Niven : specifically "The magic goes away" Good luck finding it.  Its a short and its VERY short.  But it is a good look at a world with failing magic.  Niven has written lots of sci-fi fantasy and his thoughts and concepts are unique.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: I want info about Goodkind/Brandon's comments
« on: December 20, 2007, 10:41:27 PM »
oh the newbie (me) has to get his fingers sticky....

Ok so i went and started reading the 10 page dissertation that Goodkind did, and I tried (honest) to get through some of it, and to be fair I've read and enjoyed every detail of which shade of blue Elayne wanted to wear, and the subtle smell of pepermint vs. mint, in a concoction of tea that Naenyeve (gosh I buggered that spelling) made.  BUTTTT I had to stop cause of his drug users reference........

Is it me or did he just say that since I drive, automobile manufacturer's stay in business, and sell cars to drug dealers who then use them in murderous campaigns and that makes me accessory?  Or did he say that because cars kill, and I drive one I'm a murderer?  Lord how some peoples views are scary.

Mr. Goodkind, you wear your hair long,  men with long hair are drugy infested axe murderers therefore you clearly are the same and should be put in the pen or better yet executed.  Or perhaps you simply have a fetish with Confessor's and feel your power is derived and your status derived from the length of your hair? 

So as a person he certainly is off from me but so what... his writing is what I'll judge him on. 

Goodkinds SOT series whatever his mental thought is on it, is in fact VERY similar to Jordan's, fair enough I can accept it, I mean how many ways can you rehash good/evil battles.   So when first I read WFR, I thought wow this is a LOT like WOT.  But I enjoyed the book... there are some exceptions I'd note in his writing that I do not enjoy.  And after the first 2 or 3 books I stopped bying hard back, I could wait the 6 months for sofcover, his books are not worth full price. 

1. Kahlan de-mans the bad guy.  Good for her, I never ever want to hear it described so thouroughly again. 
         a. I'm a guy it hurts to think on
         b. I like sharing my books with my kids, i cant share this stuff with my kids.
         c. The world is full of sick stuff I dont want to see, I dont want to see it in my mind either.
         d. I cant get the visual out of my head.

2. little girl with a broomstick where it shouldn't be. 
            yes the aftermath of war is sick and disgusting....
         a. I would never want to see my little girl like that, who do you think every father will see in their mind?
         b. What sickness in ones head lets you dream up stuff like that?
         c. Sick things happen every day to innocent people, I don't want to see it in life nor in book.'

The only comparison I can make is to Jordan, why, because he is one of the few that has an epic that is as big as Goodkinds... oh and its tech exact same story.   

1. Dumai's well.....
   There is nothing in this massive battle that I read that would make me say "oh my 11 year old shouldnt read this"
    The story is there, the words tell of the battle, my mind can chose how much to fill in.  The picture is painted but not zoomed in.  PERFECT

2. intimacy... Aviendha and Rand, again and the other times people "hook up" there is NOTHING that I would feel bad about my children reading at any age.   At 8 years old my sons would see nothing but two adults playing in the snow.  At 15 my son would blush knowing what they are doing but unable to see it clearly.  As a father of 3 children I know good and well whats going on.

Jordan's writing caters to ALL ages, because he writes in a way that YOUR imagination gets to fill in the minutia, Goodkind takes little minds and destroys them, letting them see things that they should never ever see.  There is no way to take his descriptions and NOT see it, not have it burned into your mind.   I LOATH to think of the day my kids are able to find the books in their library and have their innocence shattered in such a vicious manner.

Anyway, I do like the story,  I love Kahlan and so I read it, albeit 6 months behind his "fans".
Hey he's a Fantasy author I have to see what he has to offer right? :-)


Site News / Re: Introduce yourself - right on!
« on: December 20, 2007, 10:04:02 PM »
*upon the flames of hell I rode, and then my arse got burned*

Hello everyone, my name is Flian (thats not true thats my game name) and I'm a WOTaholic.  yes I'm that idiot with a Hardback WOT book 1 that is um, falling apart cause I've read it too many times.  So I came here like every other WOT fan.  Time shall show if I stay or go.

My name is Jeremiah, I live in Alaska, I'm the furthest thing from Mormon though I married one (figure that gives me a 2nd chance if I'm wrong)  If you care, I love photography, video games, and a good book.  I've been known to write from time to time, though nothing of great magnitude, as I've not found the story that I need to tell the world. 

Its a pleasure to see everyone and if things go well I shall know you all better in due time.


Brandon Sanderson / Re: Brandon To Write Wheel of Time Book 12
« on: December 20, 2007, 09:55:40 PM »
Well I shot Brandon an email from his website but as I know he will be overrun with Jordan fans in that email I came looking elsewhere and look what I found.....

Like everyone else I hear this unknown name of Brandon sanderwho? and I think, hrm... Harriet picked it, this man must be near as one can come to having a chance to do Jordan justice.  I put my full faith in the shade of Rigney's heart, knowing that she has been there for the whole long ride of WOT, and that if there is anyone that would know it would be her.  She holds the fate of Rand and the Two rivers in her hands more so than any living person.

As to Brandon and his skill at writing, I shall find out first hand when like so many others I pick up his books.  As to the writing style and content.... LDS doesnt mean he is not capable of writing any given style.  It is his religion the foundation of his beliefs.  Not the end all be all of who and what he is capable and willing to do.

Have you seen an LDS member drink caffeinated beverages? drink wine? beer?  Perhaps you've seen one spank their kids?  Have you heard one cuss?  Have you known an LDS member go into the military and use their M60 to level hoards of enemies?  Have you seen the blood of an LDS woman when she gives birth to her children?  Have you been intimate with a member of the LDS church?  If you have, and I've seen most of this my friends, then you know that an LDS member is nothing more than a person, a human being like you or me, each with strengths and weaknesses.  If we chose now to judge him by his faith then we chose to dishonor not only his religion but our own.

Within the foundations of WOT I have enjoyed greatly the sexuality as well as the battle scenes.  Go read Goodkind, you will see a very similar story, but you will find a graphic nature that makes you sick.  Jordan was a master at telling us how the very earth was rendered in the red blood of friend and foe without telling us the details and yet we see it in our mind.  Aviendha and Rand first make love, and there is no descriptions of body parts and orgiastic pleasures... it was subtle and and we saw it better for it.  I've no desire nor want to hear the minute detail of the gore of battle nor the intimate secrets of lovers.  I would sooner believe that Brandon will write closer to Jordan than Goodkind.  I love Jordan for his subtleties it is why I have stayed with the series so long and bought the hardbacks the moment I could.... lesser authors if I bother, I wait for softbacks, because they are not worth the money.

To Brandon, I laugh at those who would bother to bring your faith into this matter, for in my mind it has no bearing, if you were making porn perhaps it would be in contradiction, or if you were asked to run an establishment of strip clubs.... but for writing a book from an author who was the king of subtle description I would say the LDS faith should be an asset not a deterrent.

Good luck, may you find the shade and water you need to finish the series we have waited so long for.  I am as yet torn at the thought of the words being finished by other than Jordan himself, and yet, like so many others I want so much to see the final story on paper, and the Wheel of Time to finish its circle that it can once more begin to spin again.


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