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A quick search didn't show me any threads dealing with the April 2011 hack of this forum, wherein 6000 email addresses and hashed passwords were stolen.  I found out about it when my email address started receiving spam.  I only use that address here, nowhere else, and I have never shared it or posted it or made it public.

ANYONE with a SIMPLE password whose email address is one of the 6000 addresses should log in and CHANGE their password.  Even though the passwords appear to be hashed (MD5?  SHAx?), a quick dictionary attack will reveal the passwords.  I assume that this has already happened months ago.

Looking through the forums, I saw that at least one user reported his/her account was hijacked/stolen.

Site administrators, I'm curious as to what actions you have taken since April to close the security hole the hacker used.  Was it a forum software bug that a subsequent upgrade has made secure?

If you wonder if YOUR email address was one of the 6000, check here:

Here are a few 'blog and web posts about the hack:

Thanks for any/all info.

Aaron out.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: At the Aug. 18 Provo Waldenbooks Signing
« on: August 25, 2007, 04:35:57 AM »
Here's another shot of Brandon Sanderson taken at the signing (borrowed from my own web blog post about my trip to the book signing, also hosted on my own S..L..O..W personal server at my home):

I felt a bit embarrassed that I didn't realize that Isaac Stewart was going to be there (also in the picture, well just his head, barely, behind Brandon) signing his map artwork.  So let me add my thanks to Isaac: Thanks, Isaac!  I like the maps (and symbol designs)!

Aaron out.

Brandon Sanderson / At the Aug. 18 Provo Waldenbooks Signing
« on: August 23, 2007, 02:12:01 AM »
I enjoyed meeting Brandon briefly at his book signing at Waldenbooks in Provo.

While he was answering another fan's question, I caught a video clip (very shaky, but hey, I'm no pro) of his answer about future Elantris books.  Currently it's in MPEG4 format (iTunes/Quicktime should be able to play it, or VLC Player) and hosted on my own web server at my house (think DSL upstream connection - slooow - so patience is necessary).  If anyone wants to repost it to some service like YouTube feel free.

Here's the link:

And a screen capture from the video:


Even waiting in line was fun, as it was a chance to make new friends and meet other Sanderson fans!

Aaron out.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Warbreaker: Free Ebook
« on: April 19, 2007, 05:33:49 AM »
Can't wait to see what happens when Seb wields Nightblood with all those breaths.  He could sure make a dent in the lifeless army.

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