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Brandon Sanderson / Re: Backup plan (Mistborn spoilers)
« on: January 28, 2011, 09:14:07 AM »
I think the Lord Ruler was more careful a person than that. He wasn't fearless, he made sure no-one could challenge him. Even if this meant getting rid of all those who had Feruchemy, like he did, lest it combined with Allomancy - making someone who had his powers. Furthermore, he gave his creations - Kandra, Koloss and Inquisitors - weaknesses (Also, he never let Inquisitors reach their full potential by limiting the number of spikes they had).

The Lord Ruler was a pretty careful person. Of course, a lot of his creations had been influenced by Ruin, if I recall, inadvertently making him Ruin army.

I like to think the Lord Ruler was, at some point, aware that leaving his Church, and much control of his empire's economy, to beings that Ruin could influence was unwise. However, maybe by the time the first book came around, his conviction was slowly being whittled away, which was why he let the Inquisitors have their way after Vin was found to be the child of the head obligator.

Brandon Sanderson / A few questions regarding Mistborn
« on: January 27, 2011, 12:27:23 AM »
So I want to write a fanfic about Mistborn, but I need a little help. Any kind persons around willing to answer a few questions? Sadly, I borrowed the books from the library, so I don't have them with me to cross reference any factoid. I'll need to buy them from the local bookstore sooner or later.

1. What was the order of power of the Noble Houses? I'm sure it was Venture, then maybe Hasting?

2. What were the Elariels' known to import/export?

3. How often were Nobles allowed to see the Lord Ruler? If at all? Did he give audiences?

The answers are probably already present in the book. I'm sure more will pop up, but these are all for now. Thanks in advance =].

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Backup plan (Mistborn spoilers)
« on: January 27, 2011, 12:04:03 AM »
I wonder how much the Inquisitors -really- were under the Lord Ruler's control. There was a line in Mistborn: Final Empire about how the Inquisitors had been trying for many years to supersede the Church of Orthodoxy and its Obligators. Even going so far as to tempt the mortal Obligators into disobeying the Lord Ruler's laws.

Site News / Re: Introduce yourself - right on!
« on: January 27, 2011, 12:02:10 AM »
I'm not fond of my own introductions, so I'll keep it brief. Student in university studying pharmacology, finished reading the Mistborn trilogy and was thoroughly impressed.

I'm also a bit of a aspiring writer, though reality seems to be crushing me beneath it's unbelievable weight. A far-off dream, but better to have one, yeah?

Really just here to go through some notes as I indulge in writing Mistborn fanfic - for myself, really, to sate my interest in the universe.

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