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Dan Wells / Re: World Fantasy
« on: September 23, 2009, 07:49:11 AM »
Alright, after confirming things with my friends, here's where I stand:

I have a minivan with seven seat belts.  It can fit six people comfortably, but a seventh can squeeze in.

Currently, I have three passengers: two guys and one girl, all aspiring writers (like me).  The guys have arrangements to stay with friends, the girl hasn't booked a room yet.  I'll be staying with some old mission friends, so I don't need a place to stay.

I've got three open seats, if anyone needs a ride.  We'll leave from Provo, UT early Thursday morning (early enough to miss the California traffic, hopefully--like around 5am) and come back Monday night.

Dan Wells / Re: World Fantasy
« on: September 22, 2009, 06:13:31 AM »
Hey, just saw this thread, new to the forums and all.  I think I know some of you from LTUE and Brandon's 318 class at BYU, not sure who's who though. 

Anyway, my name's Joe Vasicek, and I'm driving up to San Jose for the convention with a few other friends who are going.  As of now, I've got at least three other people driving up with me, with two other people who may or may not come. 

My car seats 6 people comfortably, 7 people legally, and I'll be staying with friends (I served my mission in San Jose and know a lot of people there).  I think one of the girls riding up with me already booked a room, not sure though--I can find out and ask her if she did and if she's open to sharing with other people.  As for the other passengers, I think they'll be staying with friends too, though I'm not sure.

Of course, if you're short on cash, you could always go for what the locals call the "motel 22"...yeah right, bad idea, it's basically an all-night bus ticket on the 22 line that runs continuously throughout the city.  :P Ah, I love San Jose!

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