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It was one of the first things I noticed about his books. I have seen a similar experiment conducted by the now defunct comic book publisher called Crossgen(1998 - 2004). Each title formerly published by Crossgen focused on a specific world in its cosmos with the pivotal character(s) of that world bearing a special mark of power. Their powers shared the same source but would manifest itself differently per user. There was this grand overarching story that served as an undercurrent to all the books. Pity the publisher went bankrupt. Fortunately though, Disney bought the rights to the characters and plan to revive them through one of the many lucrative properties they also own...namely Marvel Comics.

But I digress :)....

I'm keen on seeing Sanderson explore this aspect of his books. In a way it validates the similarities we see in his magic systems. I read some comments where some people believe Sanderson is rehashing/retooling his magic systems from series to series. Frankly I see nothing wrong with an author getting as much mileage out of a concept as he can. But I don't think that's the case here. I think those similarities are there because the author fully intends them to be there.
Sanderson is a strong proponent of magic systems being governed by a palpable sense of logic. It only stands to reason then that if these magic systems occupy the same cosmos (and possibly come from the same source) that they bear some semblance to each other. Its all by design.

Edit: If any of you are curious look up crossgen on wiki-pedia.

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Magic Systems
« on: December 02, 2009, 03:10:24 PM »
the last movie, End Game - other personalities came out of Duncan as he fought the last battle.
It wasn't one of the movies, but an episode where this other immortal had too many malevolent souls inside him and after Duncan killed him he had to purify himself or become evil himself...

Brandon Sanderson / Re: Magic Systems
« on: December 01, 2009, 06:12:58 PM »
Also what is the consequence of possesing to many souls...i mean your body would be "filled to the brim".
That reminds me of a Highlander episode...can't remember which though...

If I were at the helm, I'd explore the capabilities of the Kandra a bit more having them appropriate the bodies of different species to create chimera-like bodies. I'd also throw in another system of power...alchemy. Transmuting metals would be a powerful ability to have I'd think in a world where Allomancy and Feruchemy are prevalent. And finally I would introduce what I call the 3rd Contract...Kendra and humans symbiotically melding with each other. I have a cool fan-fiction piece I'd like to write about the 3rd Contract but I'd only do it with the author's expressed permission...

First-time poster just dropping a few words of appreciation for the Mistborn Trilogy. Masterful work Mr.Sanderson I thoroughly enjoyed reading your books.
I have a particular affinity for the Kendra. Throughout the last two books you hinted at something (intentionally or not I wonder) with regard to their abilities. It seems that as a race they didn't explore the full scope of there talent to construct bodies. Having descended from humans and invested with sentience they exclusively mimicked human bodies. This is of course with the exception of Tensoon. Not only did he mimick species outside humans but you implied that kendra could possibly combine different facets of other species (much like the clumsy efforts of their mistwraith states). This leaves open a hitherto unexplored phenomenon ...kendra could effectively create "chimera-like" bodies. I suppose in a world of ash-mounts the Kendra wouldn't have a diverse set of animals from which to build "classic" amalgams like griffons, minotaurs and the like, but in a world reshaped by Sazed, one filled with such diversity this becomes a pointed possibility.
The Kendra are poised to become a powerful people should you chose to explore that avenue. It is my hope that you chose to.

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