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Site News / Re: Introduce yourself - right on!
« on: February 24, 2009, 03:31:38 AM »
Hello everyone, my name is Rob. I was born, raised, and currently live, in Los Angeles. I went to school for art and graphic design, and later film, and make a living in the entertainment industry as a location sound mixer (I aimed for the stars, but sort of hit the moon instead). I've always had a passion for books, stories, and games, though I haven't pursued creating them professionally. Now I'm 35, married, and 3 weeks away from becoming a father to a little girl. Maybe it's a cliche, but impending fatherhood has made me consider many things, so I figured it's time to start stretching my creative legs and get in the game.

I just finished the first Mistborn book (and started the second) by Brandon Sanderson, and have been following his work for a few years now. It's nice to find a writer willing and able to communicate with his readers, and I have to say he's inspired me a bit to expand my world.

I'm looking for other writers to bounce ideas around with and gather feedback from, and I'd like to look into local writing groups in my area.

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