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The discussion of Hoid and the possibility that many (if not most) of your novels take place in the same universe started me thinking about the epigraphs in Mistborn.  Put that together with your current project, and...

MISTBORN and THE WHEEL OF TIME are one and the same universe!  Sadly, that doesn't boad well for Rand Alendi.  ;D

But, on a serious note, when reading Mistborn I was struck with the incredible similarities between Alendi's quest and the Wheel of Time.  While the WoT is certainly not unique in its common "common man discovering he is the hero prophesied to save the world" theme, that plot, when combined with early admiration for the WoT, seems like too much of a coincidence.

1.  Because MISTBORN, at least in its marketing, was based on the premise of the hero failing in his quest, and your current project to finish the Wheel of Time series, have you felt any guilt over the past year in writing a series that in many ways is based on attacking that very cliche?

Of course, I am a long-time fan of the WoT, and as I new fan of your works, I would note that I would not place any blame or suggest any guilt (I am only wondering if the thought had at one point crossed your mind).  Indeed, while bookstores these days are filled with that common cliche (really, I am suprised that the names don't run together already, considering the number of similarly themed fantasy novels), Robert Jordan's works are among the the truly great in that category, and likely are among the reasons there are so many copycats (by the way, I find your works uniquely original and creative).

Among the many virtues that I have seen in your novels, the ability to tie together every last thread (something I had not experienced in the Fantasy genre until reading Elantris), none of them loose for a moment, at least in retrospect, reaffirms my faith/trust (I've got to admit, I saw that one coming through my entire reading of Hero of Ages, and was captivated by Sazed's struggle) in your ability to finish WoT.

Of course, the size and scope of the series will by necessity leave out some minor details.  Of that, however, I am content.  You need not worry about tying in every little, out of the way, colorfully named inn with the resolution of the story.  "The Queen's Blessing" and its ilk will always have a special place in my heart regardless.

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