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So, what's everyone's favorite and least favorite plot twist?

I think my favorite twist was finding out that the 1st generation Kandra were Rashek's fellow packmen. With the other Feruchemists being the original Mistwraiths. Didn't see that one. I had figured they turned on him or something but couldn't figure out why or what happened. So yeah. Favorite twist.

Least favorite is a toss up between finding out about the Resolution, because I didn't want them all to "commit suicide" (though the way it happened was coo), and when Vin became a demigod, since that's when I figured they were going to die. Or at least be separated. Again, when it happened, it was in a cool way (Vin saying You shouldn't have killed Elend. You see, he was the only reason I had left to live. shivers; she's deadly and you give her no reason to live? Foolish Ruin).

And I say demigod because Ruin and Preservation were limited. They couldn't create without working together, so they weren't all powerful.

This is besides finding out that I was right about Sazed and Snapping. I was doing a happy dance the whole book because of that. :P

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